Complex choices

I am wondering what are these codes for Please explain what we can use them for
1- goto
2- gain
3- } else {
4- if
5- locker

I am wondering if anyone is using them
Please I want to know, it might be helpful to learn new things
Thank You

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@Dara.Amarie has an awesome guide for all of them. :slight_smile:


goto is used to make the code go to what ever the label following it is. This can be a label that comes before or after the goto command. You use it to jump to different places in the script.

gain is used to remember commands. This allows you to remember things that happened in the past.

if is used to recall a certain gain. If the reader has that gain, then whatever is listed in the if statement will play. If the reader does not have the gain, the code will skip over it.

else goes along with if. Else basically says if none of the previous requirements have been met in the if statement, then the code below else will play through.

I am not sure what you mean by locker. Do you mean locking a choice?


either myself dunno what locker mean lol, but i saw people are writing lock or locking, i really dunno, but its something like that
I can hardly understand what they mean lol, so complicated god
I’ll better avoid these codes or i am getting mad
Thank you

Why it’s hard to understand it ughh
Thank you

I think you should take a look at the beginner guides first, since everything you’re asking about is for ADVANCED directing. Of course this wouldn’t make any sense ifyou are just a beginner. Take baby steps first, then once you get familiar with the basic directing, then you can start to learn more with advanced directing.


It’s hard to understand at first. All those codes are mediums. They are used when you want to add choices into your story. Based on the choice the reader makes, there should be an outcome. Those codes work together to make sure that the different outcomes you write will be given accordingly.

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Have a look here :slight_smile:

But not you @RudeInception :joy:

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Yes, that what i am trying to understand now, i am 100% with the advanced directing, that why i am trying to move to more complecated but it seems harder to understand

Try this:

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I have to take a look at it now

This looks like it shows you in detail wowww
Okey, i will have a loook at it and study the codes i hope it helps and i will tell you my oppinion
Thank you

I saw that it’s not complex
But thank you

And here’s a list of links to guides made by some brilliant coders:


OMG , its already writing omg
You really saved my life thank you soooooo much

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OH no, no locking a choice, i really dunno
It’s something like a lock they used it

Thank you Sailor Uranus :joy:

Do you mean like when there’s a lock sign on an option?


Something like that?

(btw it looks weird because it’s a screenshot from the web previewer just now)

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Yeah u got it! what is it?
you need a pass or what