Complex panning

So there’s this really cool/ complex kind of panning. idk what its called or how you do it but i see it in very popular stories & i would like to know how. its basically zooming on the screen and panning at the same time as a character exits a scene? this is just an example btw. can someone help?

&follow CHARACTER to screen X in zone y


&pan to zone y in w
@CHARACTER walks to screen x in zone y

No that’s not it thanks for your help though. But I’ve found an example. Watch this video on youtube from 3:35 to3:40.

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first u need to animate the camera:

@zoom on 58 0 to 340% in 0
@zoom on 58 0 to 100% in 5 (5 is the time)

Then u need animate every character to move to the center of the screen:
@CHARACTER spot 1.32 294 12 in zone 2
@CHARACTER spot 1.32 160 12 in zone 1 AND CHARACTER is rear

u will need the direting helper to know the right spot