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How do you guys feel about complex storyline I’ve been playing around with my story idea “Unfolded With A Scar” which is a mystery for over a year now slowly adding and changing details. The more i’m playing around with it the more I’m thinking it’s becoming a little complex that requires you to think about what is happening, remember past events and what is being said in order to make connections.

For example (made up)

You are reading an episode where the MC is leaving work and their friend gets in a red car. A crime is committed and your friend is the suspect but really late on in the story during the court case a witness testifies they witnessed your friend escaping the crime scene in a blue car the same night. The MC immediately knows that the person is lying because on the day in question your friend was driving a red car that day
By the time this evidence comes up the reader has probably forgotten about the red car as it didn’t seem important.

Would you read a mystery that requires you to think about what is happening or does complex mysteries make you not want to read it?

  • I would read a complex story
  • I would not read a complex story

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These kinds of stories seem pretty fun to read! You could ask the reader to remember certain small details of the story, or maybe even write it down. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s one of them where even the smallest details count for example (not from my story)
While the murder victim is alive she is wearing a certain necklace a lot later in the story the MC is talking to the victims sister and realises that she is wearing a necklace identical to the one the victim was wearing.

Because the MC doesn’t comment on the necklace the read would probably not even notice it. But then there would be a quick flash back to the original scene making the reader think “omg how did I miss that?”

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Personally, these kinds of storylines are pretty awesome. First of all, they’re unique. It takes a lot of time and effort to make very small details a big deal later on.

I’ve read a story like this in the past, and it was pretty fun! It’s hard to explain the plot in general, but I’d suggest giving it a read on how they use these small details in the story. The title is called “Hello?”, and I believe it’s in the thriller or horror genre?

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Thank you :slight_smile: I’ve read hello when it was in the thriller competition it was awesome :sunglasses: it actually took me 3 tries to escape correctly :joy:.

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