Complicated Opening Overlay Thing?

So I’ve managed to make an advanced scene where one of the characters look like they’re going on Google and searching things, however they get a message, and I want it where when they click that message it opens up a new tab showing another character if that makes sense? Here’s a maybe better explanation here:

I want this overlay - image

to open up with a character on it, and the character will be holding something or doing an evil action.

If you’re still confused on what I’m talking about ask me and I will try my best to answer

But yeah does anyone have any idea on how you do this?

I’m confused, Do you just want an overlay of this photo or do you want something written on it? :neutral_face:

Sorry I suck at explaining. Basically I want a character on the overlay. When the reader clicks on something this overlay will pop up, but I want one of my characters to be on the overlay as well

While posing, I guess? Because you can use layers coding otherwise. If you can send me your character photo I can put her/him on this photo.

Thank you so much for helping, I really appreciate this

Is this image ok?

I believe so.
Is there any specific place you want me to put it on?

Anywhere is fine, the only thing I need is for him to be up close to the camera :))

Okay, wait I’m confused again. Let’s move on the photo, okay? :smiley:
Do you want me to add or change anything on this photo?

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I’M SORRY I’M THE ABSOLUTE WORST AT EXPLAINING :sob: This is fine I was just being picky, thank you so much for helping me with this, I appreciate this SO much

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No worries, hun.

Stay Safe :butterfly:

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You too <3

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