Complicated Overlay - Help

Hey, so I had this idea for a story.

It’s basically about how a girl can see when people are going to die.
So the concept is that their count down is above their head.
But, I need to make it look like the person she is talking to numbers are going down.

I figured I could use overlays for this, but I can’t make it look proper.

This is my script:
&cut to zone 3
#scene start in zone 3

@overlay 6386848650952704_45 SECONDS shifts to 311 -14 in zone 1
@overlay 6386848650952704_45 SECONDS scales to 1.032 1.032
@overlay 6386848650952704_45 SECONDS moves to layer 1

@NOVA changes into Past Nova

@LEAH spot 0.974 106 388 in zone 2
@LEAH moves to layer 2
@LEAH is idle_lay_exhausted_loop

@NOVA spot 1.055 208 105 in zone 3
@NOVA moves to layer 3
@NOVA is idle_sad_loop

sound int_hospitalroom

The hospital was quiet
The only noise came from the the machine that tracked Leah's heart rate.

@overlay 45 SECONDS clear

@overlay 44 SECONDS create
@overlay 44 SECONDS shifts to 311 -14 in zone 1
@overlay 44 SECONDS scales to 1.032 1.032
@overlay 44 SECONDS moves to layer 1

Was just wondering if anyone had any ideas how I could make this come to life!


Isn’t it from a K-drama? :thinking: :laughing:
Also try using & instead of @ :slight_smile: The actions will happen all at once then instead of one after another.


It honestly could be, but my inspiration came from a Nickle Back music video lol!
Thank you! I will try that!

Did you put the overlay in the zone 3?
INT. BACKGROUND with 45 seconds in zone 3
And maybe between the actions put @pause for 0.5 or less?

I was thinking of that kdrama too! About time right? Her timer stops when she gets close to him. it’s good!

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