Complicated overlay scene help sos (INK)

Hey guys. I get that I’m always needing help with overlays, and I apologize for that. This is very complicated for me, and I just hope someone is patient enough to help me.

Okay…here we go.

I took four bracelets from the accessory section, and was able to turn each of them into overlays. They are important to the story line, and I can’t be without them.

For a while, I had a hard time trying to code them correctly. I later found out that the opacity was defaulted to 0, so they were invisible. After some tricky explanation and failed attempts, I was able to make them visible.

I had plans to put them in the INT. BLACK - NIGHT background.

But I found out that that background automatically makes the overlays invisible, so I had to make my own customized black background. EXT. BLACK - NIGHT is what I called it.

And viola! They were all at full opacity!

This was my plan:

The readers would get a choice that was, “Pick all”. Depending on the overlay they would pick, it would zoom up the the screen with some narrative information about said bracelet. And then, it would slowly zoom back to it’s original spot. This would be repeated as many or as little times as the reader would please. They would have to press the choice “Done” to move on to the story.

I am very good with choices and zooms. That was never an issue.

Here’s the problem…

I don’t know how to make overlays shrink or enlarge in script. I also don’t know how to move them (outside of a moving background. I can make a desk overlay, but that’s about it). I also don’t know how to make multiple overlays all at once through the “create overlay name” etc.

I know how to EXT. BLACK - NIGHT with OVERLAY NAME

But that’s it.

I have a picture below of how I want them to look:

So if someone could please take the time out of their day and please format this for me, as well as show me how to make each one enlarge and shrink…that would be great. And if possible, I would very much appreciate it if you could put my overlay names in it, so that I don’t get confused.

Below, I have what is currently in my script.

Please help me. I beg of you.

@zoom reset AND overlay CLERIC create AND overlay CLERIC opacity 100% in 0 AND overlay INSIGNIA create AND overlay INSIGNIA opacity 100% in 0 AND overlay JUSTICIAR create AND overlay JUSTICIAR opacity 100% in 0 AND overlay KNIGHT create AND overlay KNIGHT opacity 100% in 0

Here’s the template to make overlays bigger / smaller:

@overlay OVERLAYNAME scales to (scale number TWICE, similar to spot directing characters) in (time).


To enlarge:

@overlay INSIGNIA scales to 1.280 1.280 in 2 (this will enlarge the overlay)


To shrink:

@overlay INSIGNIA scales to 0.749 0.749 in 2

To move overlays:

@overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to (x,y coordinates) in (time)


@overlay INSIGNIA shifts to 100 249 in 3.5

Here’s a guide to further explain this topic:

If you need further help, feel free to ask me!


I’m trying to enlarge AND move the overlay at the same time. But it literally does nothing:

@overlay 5071110159990784_INSIGNIA scales to 0.251 0.251 in 1
@overlay 5071110159990784_INSIGNIA shifts to 84 301 in 1



@overlay INSIGNIA scales to 0.251 0.251 in 1
&overlay INSIGNIA shifts to 84 301 in 1

Use “&” to make two things happen at the same time, or use it multiple times to make everything happen at the same time.

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@Simila100 I did all of that…it still isn’t working.

I even checked on my phone just to be sure.

It’s not even moving at all.

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What is happening? And what’s your code?

Have you used the preview directing helper to move and enlarge the overlay then copied & pasted the code?
@overlay INSIGNIA scales to 1.0 1.0 in 1 AND overlay INSIGNIA shifts to 200 150 in 1

@overlay INSIGNIA scales to 0.5 0.5 in 1 AND overlay INSIGNIA shifts to 350 100 in 1

^^^ These are just random
Feel free to DM me … :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m very sorry for not replying right away. My internet was disconnected throughout the day yesterday, and I couldn’t even log in on here from my phone. I was able to figure out the problem, and I am so sorry for not notifying you guys sooner…

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