Computer screen overlays needed

hey everyone I’m revamping my story and I’m writing a scene where a secret agent is trying to find out who knew another agent and is complying profiles on potential people that would’ve known them based on college databases so I need a computer screen where i could have profiles side by side that the reader could click on and have info on them if anyone has anything that could help with this id really appreciate it .

hiya I’m happy to try and help! Could you please explain in a little more detail? You can message me if easier so I defo see it. I’ve got lots of overlays and can make some if needed! :slight_smile:

Sure I’ll try to explain it more if there’s still something you need let me know

My character is gonna build a couple of profiles on other college students with their picture’s,interests school clubs they’re apart of and other things so I would need a computer screen background where I can fit that and with overlays for the profiles possibly a view of the computer or computers themselves

will any characters be in the scene? will you want a moving arrow like this:


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There will be a character typing before we see the screen after with the screen there will be characters pic for the profiles and yes I would want a moving arrow like that

ahh so do you want the character typing facing rear and then zoom onto the computer screen and move the character out the way? That’s how I would go about doing it if you orignally want to see the character typing x

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Yes exactly

ok got it, I’ll get on that and PM them back to you x

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Ahhh thank you so much I really appreciate

so for character profiles, I’d suggest downloading ibisPaint X as it’s free and really really good, I use it for all my editing. Create circle pngs with colored backgrounds and make sure to use them as tappable overlays in your script. I can’t find any computer overlays I think you;'ll have to make one. Just put a computer outline, make sure the screen is cut out and transparent so it becomes a png, upload it as an overlay and put in on a background that you want to be shown on the computer screen x

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Ok thank you I’ll try to to that for the profiles it can have a picture I feel like the computer might be a bit complicated thank you for your help i really appreciate it

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hey so i managed to find a computer and cut out overlays and plug in a different screen could you tell me if it’ll work and which one looks better its my first and i wanna make sure I’m doing it right

Uploading: 3B2C0F40-4EBB-46DD-96D5-C923EE32BE4E.PNG…

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hiya sorry for the slow reply. the second one wont load but the first one would work x

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thank you so much