Concerned about reporting fanmail... advice?

I keep getting fanmail that isn’t necessarily offensive, but extremely rude. “You’re neglecting your readers, Update now *****, stop being lazy,” so on, so on.

I believe the same person is leaving each fanmail but using different devices because I blocked them and continue to receive fanmail. Each time it is a similar fanmail, written in the same style, and they keep changing their name, but to something similar (fed up reader, annoyed reader, etc).

I don’t know how to stop this person from leaving fanmail other than just blocking each message. I don’t know if I should report every fanmail bc they aren’t necessarily offensive (the report button says "report for offensive content), just rude, and I don’t want to muddy the waters for other authors receiving worse offensive fanmail.

What happens when a fanmail is reported? I’m guessing I am not the only author this person bothers. Is there another route I should take? Any other authors experience anything like this? Thanks in advance xx


Yeah, I know what you mean, I’ve had numerous extremely rude fanmail and some extremely offensive which I reported and it was taken down, but I don’t know what episode does after that. Sorry I can’t be more help, but I do understand, if you ever need to talk about it or just rant pm me


turn of fan mail. like really turn it of. propelry just a rude person who will keep doing it forever, if you turn of fanmail they cant.


Like 99% of my fanmail is wonderful, I’d hate to turn it off bc of one person. I did turn my fanmail off for one story though, I def know that’s an option. xx


Ty for your response! Just posting and knowing there are people that understand is helpful xx


you dont have to turn it of forever just in some time. when she sees she cant reach you she will properly move. just try for a few weeks.


Wow, does she know how much time it takes? I’d like to see her write a story while being rushed.


That’s the kind of comment that would make me want to do the exact opposite lol.
No more updates for you. I quit. Bye.


That’s just rude wtf


Me or them? :sweat_smile:


Not you lol the haters :joy:

I’d be like, you’re blocked from my profile b*tch no more stories for you HASTA la vista :joy:


Ik right?! I wish I could block this person from my stories :persevere:


I wish that was an option.


Swear you can block them from your profile


That’s just plain rude. It takes a lot of time and hard work to update a new episode and they can’t speak to you like that. I’d like to see them write a story. Anyway, I think you should turn off fan-mail because people like that are toxic and they drain your motivation without you even realizing it.


“Update now *****” Lmao wtf. Every time I see all these wonderful people and have hope for the youth, one of these stale croutons rears their head.

To what extent does it feel like the same person? Short messages with a spoiled-brat attitude don’t necessarily indicate the same person, unless you’re like me and have very few reads haha. “Alright guys, I’ve got 22 readers and I have X bratty comments, I know one of you is up to some :poop:.” But if they are the same person, it turns from a few scattered brats to targeted harassment, which raises the annoyance level for sure. :thinking:

Rather than clicking a report button that provides no context, the ticketing system has a section for harassment, where you can write to Episode about what you’ve seen. They (hopefully) have some record of which account the comments keep coming from, and can (hopefully) look into taking action against them. But if it’s multiple, then idk what you can do other than block them.

Here’s the link to submit a ticket:

If it were me, I’d probably report all the ones that contained a swear word, and just ignore the rest of the bratty ones. Not that I’m personally offended by swear words in particular, just that that’s behaviour Episode will want to punish.

But I’m glad to hear that you don’t want to turn your fanmail off because all of the positive messages you get. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Good to hear that the kindness wins over the negativity. :grin:




Can you give me more details on this? I don’t see that option in my profile, but it might be bc I have Android. I feel like my Episode app is missing a lot of stuff due to I’m on Android. Thx!


This is someone who’s definitely not familiar with how much time it takes to put together just one episode. But again that’s really rude. Some of us on here really need to think twice about our behaviour.

Just turn off your fanmail. Such people never get tired and they may be here on the forums actually reading your posts.


“Alright guys, I’ve got 22 readers and I have X bratty comments, I know one of you is up to some :poop:” LMAO!!!

So… here’s why I think it might be one person.

There was a person following me on Instagram leaving these SAME types of comments on my posts. At first I was respectful (even when they weren’t). They would usually respond and act like they would understand, so I didn’t block immediately. However, it continued to happen occasionally, but I was just like, whatever, you’re irrational, and I just laughed it off and moved on… until they started attacking the other people commenting on my posts. I was done giving chances then, so I blocked them on Instagram.

I am thinking this is the same person since they can’t bother me on Instagram anymore. They use the same wording, the same level of grammar/punctuation/TYPING IN ALL CAPS!!! patterns, haha.

But, I could be totally wrong! It may be a few different people. I know at least 2 of the messages were from the same person because when I hit ‘Block’ it highlighted those two messages and indicated they were from the same person. I was kind of just guessing that it might be the same person on different devices based on the type pattern.

This is exactly what I’ve done so far! Great minds think alike :slight_smile:

Thank you xx