Concert Stage Background?

Hi, I am looking for a particular background of a stage. It’s one used in the Demi stories and is a view looking from the crowd onto the stage if you get me? I need it because I think it suits the vibe I’m going for which is a pop/rock concert.

Much thanks :slight_smile: xx

this one? INT. ON ROCK CONCERT STAGE - NIGHT from episode

and here you have something else INT. AUDITORIUM BACKSTAGE - DAY episode background @MissSarahG1

No, I’m looking for the other perspective, from the crowd, looking onto the stage, like this:4285350d1fa0185eb750626c2f22344b

i think that is a hidden background .

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I know, but sometimes you can use hidden backgrounds can’t you?

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yeah u can, its episodes background.

click the link for demi and see if u find the background u are looking for.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Is there anyone who could make this background for me?