Conditions de to be featured

Hello Episode community!

I’m just curious about some things. If I want me story to get featured, do I have to use ONLY Episode backgrounds?

I’m working on a little story that might be good to be featured I just was to have the feedback about featured stories.

Can someone tell me more about featured stories conditions?

Thank you all!


No a lot of featured stories use non episode backgrounds. what you have to do is make sure they are copyright free

perfect thank you for your answer!

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And since I want it featured, do you I can use Dara Amarie’s template for customization or should I stick to Episode CC templates?

Thank you so much!


also, getting a story featured might be really hard, you need like a lot of reads for it


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I am 99,9% that your story doesn’t get featured ,sorry!
It isn’t so easy that just get story featured, I am pretty sure someone has to write that story again now with limited choices and crappy diamond choices.

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To confirm, using a template is fine.

It Girl

Do you mean featured (as in bought by episode) or put on a weekly shelf?


She means featured I think :joy:

I am pretty sure that to episode looks for cliche romance stories mostly :kissing_closed_eyes:

If by “featured” you mean purchased by Episode and re-written and published with premium choices, it’s really hard! Episode approaches the authors who’s stories are doing very well i.e. have very high retention rates and then they buy it, edit it and publish it. After that they own the story.

If you mean get on a shelf, well once in a while they ask for suggestions on their Instagram. They do these shelves based on verious themes. If your story fits one of those themes, ask you readers to recommend it on their post, Episode may review it and if they like it it will get on the shlef for minimum of one week.