Confession of an author


I’m taking forever to write and I am trying to put good content in my story and God knows I don’t sleep to write my novel and scenario on Episode.

:sparkles: Here’s my point :
I love what I am doing and I don’t want to try to promote my story anymore. I’ll keep uploading my story little by little but I won’t promote it unless some people ask me R4R in private or on IG. This is tiring, exhausting.

It’s been 3 days I published my first 3 episodes, and I am already fed up with this promotion thing you know. I love writing, editing and creating overlays, and I have to admit at first I was hurt by the fact that nobody wanted to see my content and what I was working on for weeks by passion. :broken_heart:

But now it doesn’t matter :woman_shrugging:t5:. Am I alone with that weird feeling? I’m open for a discussion here or in private. Have a nice day, if you need me to read your story just give it to me I’ll read it someday (I have a huge list already.)


i agree promotion is tiring. and honeslty i dont wanna do it really. so only do it when i am in the mood to read something(r4r). and i have gotten a few people to rewiew it in hope someone will read. but honeslty getting people to read a story is hard. i follow all the ways to get read but almost all read i have gotten is in r4r . the sad part is i right now are waiting for three people to read my story in r4r. i have read thers


OMG, you feel me. I hate that feeling that someone owes me a read or else. This is so tiring, you have to force people to watch it, fortunately, I only had 3 R4R but I had 17 real readers. But see? I’ve been on Episode for 5 years almost and now it’s all about luck and promotion AND also social media. :woman_shrugging:t5:

You’re writing in CLASSIC ?


no my story is in ink. it is a bit of a cliche story. i was actually not gonna published it. but then i had the entire plot written down and thought why not

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What’s your story I’d be happy to read it. :slight_smile:


Yes I agree. I realised I never made a promotion thread to promote my story. Its only in other people’s thread or under share feedback. I feel a little silly at times lolll. But it is exhausting. Since last Sep still less than 1K. Hope to reach 1K by… I don’t know when. 2 contests have pass I’m still less than 1 K lolll. #ItsOkKeepItStrong

But I would say it’s because of Cover and genre. Romance is a big hit. A 3D professional and alluring cover is needed. Just see the featured stories cover. Good marketing strategy. Everyone judges a book by the cover. We are a digital and visual age with so many visual ads around so of course we are attune to our visual senses. This influence us to judge a book by it’s cover.

It helps if big authors help to promote small author’s stories. That one really helps. One in posts not on stories that can disappear each day unless its highlights. Another thing is social media. I don’t have because I can’t manage and that is a drawback… but if not sure what to post and if I create it but never write more stories it also defeats the purpose of having instagram.

For me I purposely made sure no characters are on my cover to keep it a surprise but obviously there is a draw back in that. But it’s for the surprise and suspense.

Some people still havent read R4R… I did 2 Mega R4R lists with over 30 stories…(I can list them out all here to prove it) and thankfully people read but now in the 3rd Mega R4r lists, it’s slowly declining… I wonder why. It’s abit sad. But I think it’s because the stories people have seen many times and are bored of it…so people want something new… this is just my opinion. And even after R4R, either put it on the thread or DM so we would know. But even so this is not done so we would not know if R4R is done or not. :frowning:

It would be fair for contests…we dont know the name or authors… so it will be anonymous. Some new entries may be better than big authors like plot…maybe directing (with the help threads and tutorials, new authors may have good directing). So at least all stories fair chance. With fanbase of big authors, they will still hit 100 reads mark in shorter time compared to new authors(they struggle).



Oh you’re so cute, my story is called: STARTING OVER - Limelight (author Marie Jen)
If you can’t find it you have a link in my bio or on my IG bio (mariejen.episode) :purple_heart:
Thank you so much, there are little mistakes but I’m proofreading every day.
Have a nice day Tori!


I FEEL YOU. :sob:

Don’t give up.
And yes, everything is about communication, topics, and covers.
Mine is so simple since I need time to make the perfect cover. I’m not really fond of edits with characters you know, but I guess I’ll give it a try.

If someday I have followers I won’t ignore small authors for real, there is a real hierarchy and sometimes it hurts.

Your story is still on my list and even though I’m used to reading Romance stories sometimes I just want to discover new things, a new way to write, new plots because I want to do a Game story (Labyrinth movie type.)


Yess dont give up​:+1::+1: It’s a bit trigerring and upsetting some stories which started the same as you…yet they shoot up rise up much faster than us… We can learn what makes them tick but some things are external factors which we can’t control.

Mmmm Game stories are great and quite rare. I’ll be quite happy for this.

Romance stories… few times maybe ok but once we read alot we see a trend and it kind of influences the mind…and I don’t know. I feel polluted and corrupted by most of romance stories now. Not just cliches but the messages being sent. Imagine youngsters who are at the forming stage in their lives and experience this… there is a correlation between gaming and real life.
It influences and we might act a certain way in real life. Statistics of teen pregnancies I’m very worried. So thats why I wont write romance stories anytime soon…

That is just my opinion.

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Yes! My story is romance and drama and because of my beliefs, I don’t want to cross some limits since there’s a lot of young girls who are playing episode here!
I also want to do a story on psychology BUT I need to read a lot of books first.

Indeed, there are factors we can’t control. Some stories are just more seen than others and I am really happy for these authors !!! :clap:t5::fist:t5:
In my case, I’ll just wait for readers to come. I’m fed up promoting.

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Well I’m still working on my story so I don’t know how the promo and the readers I get is gonna turn out but you should leave the link down below so more people can read it

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Yes, you should. Tell me once you published your story sweetie :purple_heart:
I hope you’ll get a ton of readers !

For sure! I’ve been working nonstop to make it perfect hope you like fantasy !

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I haven’t published my story yet, but as a reader I can say that forum communication seems more important to me. r4r don’t work perfectly as I can see, cause you know… people normally read episodes they need to have a read back, and never stick to the story. And as a reader I don’t even open r4r discussions as I’m not interested. But (at least it works this way for me) if I see someone with interesting opinion or I generally like someone’s manner of writing in forums, or ideas they’re sharing, I’ll try and check their stories. And most of the time I stick with it because I like it (and not because I gain something in return as for r4r).
Sorry if I’m confusing :slight_smile: And by the way I’ve started your story cause I liked this thread haha


I see you have 20 reads on your story (maybe more since the app is randomly updating the number of reads lately) and I have to say it’s pretty good within 3 days. I don’t remember exactly, but I think it took me almost a month to get this amount of reads on my first story. I never did R4R, I never really promoted my story but I started getting reads slowly every time I updated. In a few months I gained quite a lot of readers and I have to add that my story was kind of crap, with very short episodes later on I merged some chapters together but it’s still pretty crap

Although I don’t like promoting myself, I won’t tell you not to do it, I really believe it helps a lot to get more views on your story. I would only suggest not to do excessive promotion: some authors put their stories in every single thread without reading the rules and the OP’s original request, and I noticed I’m not the only one who gets annoyed by this and will never read the story in question.
If you want quick reads, try to update frequently. If you want genuine readers, take the time to improve your writing and directing and don’t publish until you think this is something you would enjoy reading too. (Side note: I haven’t read your story, so maybe it’s already great but I do think there’s always room for improvement.)


I hate it so much tbh (R4R) I also feel like this doesn’t give me the appreciation that I want. I want people to read my story because they like it ! not because they need to do a R4R! I want people to like what I give them.


Yes I feel the same, I don’t really like R4R. Now I prefer working on my own :woman_shrugging:t5:
Oh thank you for reading my story this is so sweet, I hope you’ll like it and if you don’t PLEASE tell me your opinion :purple_heart:

EXACTLY. I did a thread telling others to communicate more when they promote their story, but they just drop their promotion and leave forever I hate that. We’re a community and people don’t really get that, anyway. :woman_shrugging:t5:

Thank you for your encouragements, I am so relieved that people feel the same. And I won’t promote myself anymore since there are about 50 stories per threads, this is kinda useless to my mind. And yes I’m working and improving it every day, I’m not done learning.


GIRL louder for the ones in the back. I feel clearly the same.

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I liked it in generall, but I’ve only read one episode as I’m at work now (not working hard, obviously haha). I love calling off the wedding concept and use it for my future story (kind of haha)
I can give you semi-detailed feedback when I’m home if you want :slight_smile: