Confession of an author

R4R is incredibly exhausting and tedious at times … that was how I started getting some reads for my first story. I did discover some hidden gems in the process though and continue to follow those stories!

My first story is very niche I would say. Something that would appeal to a much smaller population of readers. It has a few fans who truly enjoy it though and that means a lot to me!

My other story from the college days contest is a lot more successful. I did not need to seek R4R to help it get started. That particular story though has a lot more of the elements that the main population of readers tends to be drawn to. (Customization, love interests, comedy, etc.)

The cover is highly important as someone mentioned before. People will judge a book by it’s cover.

The description also must be well written with proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. It needs to be intriguing without giving too much away.

I highly suggest that you submit your story to review threads here! You get awesome feedback to help your story improve and if a reviewer likes it a lot, that could generate interest from people who follow their thread!

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When I published my story I tried to promote it as much as I could and did a lot of r4r. But not long after that I got busy with other stuff, so I didn’t really read the stories but rather just tapped through them…This went on to the point where I was so busy with real life and promoting my story, that I didn’t have time to write. But I’m an author, not a promoter, and I realised that my story gets better if I focus on writing and only promote it when I really have a lot of time. I hardly ever do r4r now, only someone asks via dm and I don’t have another one on my list.

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I believe that an increased interest in the creation of stories, the influence of social media and developed and easily accessible technology leads to a diversity that results in competition, which means that promotion becomes a significantly important part to achieve publicity.

I myself prefer to spend a fair amount of time on what I create to be able to work at my own pace and create what appeals to me and my interests, however; this happens at the expense of my chance of getting publicity. Sad, but true.

In other words, being a writer can be dreadful: it makes you want to tear off your hair sometimes, or even worse, quit writing. But it also means that the smallest progress can be felt as a great success. I personally think it pays off to be open to give and receive reviews, and to create a certain influence on the forum and its followers. People will notice if you are just fishing for attention and fame, or if you are genuinely passionate about writing. :v:t4:


An important detail though: health comes first. If you feel that your writing is at the expense of your health - mentally and/or physically - then I would suggest a break.


Yes, but thankfully I love writing. Even if at the end of my story I have 100 faithful readers I’ll be happy.
That’s why I don’t want to do kind of a “pursuit of readers”, I tried to put my story in some threads and to do R4R and I don’t like it.

I’ll upload 2 chaps per week and I hope I will have some readers who will communicate with me. :purple_heart::sunglasses:

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It’s ridiculously frustrating to have to promote your story all over the place! But there are so many other things you can do to promote it! @ShanniiWrites has some tips on her blog. Check it out!

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Awn :frowning:
I’ll read it and I’ll give you a feedback if you want.

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Thank you, sweetheart !

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exactly, I’m done promoting. I upload and see

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