Confession thread part 2 😘

I CONFESS… @lilysmith10

This is what happens when I miss you!

Only You!

That I miss my best friend and Forum fiancée and I hope she is doing well. She means more to me then she will ever know. I hope that she is not to stressed and is happy. Her happiness is what matters most. I miss the hell out of her when she is gone but I can’t wait for her return. I know she might not reply and I’m okay with that. When I see her like my post and it makes me smile! I love when she send me songs. I then tend to listen to them when I’m missing her the most and that helps me feel close. I know everyone is probably tired of me talking about her. Just like I’m sure she is tired of reading how much she means to me. I like to make her smile and blush. If I can accomplish this much I feel like my day is complete. Even an emoji response from her means more to me then she knows. I keep trying to think of words to say to write down but honestly there are no words to describe what she does for me. She doesn’t even know it. I’m sappy and romantic while she is shy and doesn’t do well with feelings. That’s why I know she doesn’t make long things like this. But honestly I don’t want that kind of stuff from her. If this puts a smile on her beautiful face that’s all I need and want. I want her to smile. I know we are all going through on own issues. i just want her to know I’m here if or when she need me. I like to be there for my friends but I want to be there for her till the end. She isn’t just someone behind the screen she has warmed her way into my heart and that where she shall stay… I’m cheesy I know. But friends come and go but this one I feel will be there till the end. She is amaizng and kind. Even though she is shy. She is strong and beautiful and will make it through any storm that comes her way. Jess baby you mean more to me than you will ever know. I don’t have friends irl. You are my real friend I feel. That’s why you hold a special place to me. I will leave you with this… I miss you yes this is true but I smile when I think of you. :heart_eyes::kissing_heart::grin::blush::couple_with_heart_woman_woman::couplekiss_woman_woman:



I’m sorry Cora. That’s horrible…

I’m sorry you are going through that. My pms are always open.

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I confess that while everyone will be at homecoming with their date, I’ll be having a date with Netflix :joy::joy::joy: I’m not complaining.

Ok now to the serious stuff (whaaaaaaaaaat I was serious) no but really. I have serious things to say.

I confess that im scared. I don’t know what I’m scared of but I’m scared. I just have the feeling in my stomach that something really really really bad is going to happen. I’m scared. I’m really scared. And I feel sick because of something that happened the other day… I don’t know what to do, I’m in trouble.

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:blush: grazzi

I confess I started a new game go check it out!!

Awww gurlll I hope you are going to be okay.
I know you’ll be fine!

I confess that im obsessed with the song happier by Bastille

I confess I like to talk to my favourite people. :upside_down_face:

Lol this is random, I just wanted to confess something. :joy:

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Me too!!!

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Some people just make me so happy even by just reading their username. I know you get it and you’d say it’s Kerub that does it to you. :joy:

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Lol yeah obviously Ruby

Lol but I get really happy when Finn or charity are online




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Awww cora, I’m honored to be called your friend, after all you are my episode bestie, stay strong luv.

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Rofl… omg I haven’t heard that song in forever…


Girl that doesn’t change anything.:wink:
You are still an awesome racer and ma cake supplier :upside_down_face::smirk:

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I confess I have the cutest gf

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I love that song!!!