Confession thread part 2 😘


I confess same


Welcome, @aiR :blush:


:smiley: Thank you!


I confess me too


I confess that I can’t wait to change my username


I confess who was the owner?


I confess @Circe_dreamteam was the owner.


I confess and probs still is


Lol ok. Kick his ass.

And I confess that izzy, the feelings and emotions that I’m having right now can’t really be fixed. But it means a lot that you’re trying to help


I confess,


I wanna go home


I confess that I do too. But I don’t know where home is anymore


I confess I have a youtube crush.

can you guess who it is?


I confess,

Oh fr?

I thought home was Chicago. :sweat_smile:


I confess I think it’s the Dolan Twins.

It is mine so…idk.


I confess It starts with a M

(And it’s not on the fourms)


i confess i hate it when people send you mixed signals like first they joke around with you then they start eyeing you and kissing their teeth at you like what? do you like me or not? are you my friend or not? its not like i can read your mind.

also i confess ts been two weeks of me not talking to an ex-friend, like when you loose an AMAZING friend like me you dont get a second chance homey lol but seriously i tried to say sorry to her and she was all like “how can you get mad for something that dumb??” no its not you business why I get upset but i feel better not being friends with her kinda like now i can see everything shes done to people and im not blinded by her FAKE friendship. sorry not sorry. :upside_down_face:


I confess :unamused::triumph::rage:



It. Was?


I confess that I want to go cuddle with my forum wife in the cold weather she is in.


I confess,

I really want to play Fortnite