Confessions about Episode stories

If anybody has a confession about ANY story on the episode community, please send me a message or go to my IG page epi.confess

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what do you mean by confession. like a scene or thing i really hated or something els

I’ll give you an example…

If it was one of my stories it would be something along the lines of

‘I love Stella’s hair from Mafia Star, I just wish she was such a cow to her family’

It’s just whatever you feel about that particular story, wither it be a character, the author, the type of story or even if you feel that the story should be different

well i can come with two. dont know if its what your are looking for but i can tell you anyway.

A confession is a confession.

It doesn’t matter what it is, I’ve only had two confessions so far, I’m trying to expand that, to make that into something for everybody to get involved in.

Just send me a message on here on my IG page.

The more that I get, the more people that will want to get involved


I don’t understand what you mean by confession.

Just like what you’d say to a priest or your school councellener except about things you hate on ANY story on the episode app

Are you gonna post the confessions on your Instagram?


I have two that I need to put on @epi.confess is my IG you can see for yourself, just send me a message on the fourms or on that page