Confidence is missing!

Hey guys!
I got to these Forums just because of one point! In every…EVERY story I always played a girl that had a lack of confidence or even no confidence and I always thought like wtf why? I can say for myself I’m a really confidence girl and it’s kinda annoying to play a girl that’s so naive and has like no confidence! Soooooo… does anybody know a good story with a strong, independent woman? That would be great :ok_hand: So I’m looking forward to replys


The reaper twins

The only one currently I have at the top of my head is The Ruby Tiara, but I’m sure there’s more!


Glitch Girl by Joseph Evans has a really amazing MC who is both confident and powerful.

read adrenaline, the mc, liane, is very independent.

Adrenaline , Fine Line , Ruby Tiara and Moonlit Feathers are the stories in my head @Wincyyellow is the author of ruby t and moonlit f


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