Confused about basic things!



Sorry, these may be dumb questions, but I am totally new to this! I made one chapter of a story of the app but on the website it doesn’t show up. Also I see there are three different styles, limelight, ink, and classic, but the website creator only lets me use limelight? I’m so confused, thanks in advance for any helpful tips!


There are no dumb questions! :wink: When i started writing, i couldnt write in anything other than Limelight either, so i think that you have to write your first story in Limelight. But Limelight is amazing :smiley: Most of my stories are in Limelight. Also… You cant publish a story until you’ve written 3 chapters. If i remember correctly, they have to be over 400 lines each. Have fun writing! :hugs:


If you started your story before the update it was hard to find where you can change your style. Now when you creating a new story the window pops up and you can choose the style you want.
If you have any problems with finding your story try to contact episode team but try to write more first maybe it comes up eventually.


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