Confused, but do blonde people have blonde eyebrows?

I know this is a very dumb question. But would someone be able to help me with this? :sob: I do live in a country where blonde haired people exist but many of the people I’ve met in my life and come across weren’t EVER blondes. So please help! I’m sorry I don’t mean to be disrespectful in any way at all, I’m just a little bit confused. I need this for a character and want it to look natural but for some reason blonde coloured eyebrows looked odd on him,


Most blonde people I know have blonde eyebrows but a slightly darker shade than their hair. Unless they dyed their hair blonde then they usually have darker eyebrows.


I usually use a light brown eyebrow on my blonde characters. Sometimes the best way to pick is just to go through all the colors and see what looks right.


I personally would recommend using Light Brown for the brows of blonde characters.

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thank you!

I have blonde hair and normally use the dark brown color for them on characters! The main reason I use a darker color is because my eyebrows are noticeable and don’t blend in with my skin as much as the lighter shades do.


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