Confused + Help people here

Hi ! I’m new to using Episode on my computer, I’d like some help! Bc I’m a coward. We can all help each other and create stories.

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Ask away! :grin:

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Okay! So I’m brand new to using this on my computer, and I JUST learned how to use choice, but in a story there’s an option to change your look. Do you know how I can add that in?

I sound kind of weird, but when you’re reading one of the stories and it gives you the option to edit the character to what you’d like. :slight_smile:

Pretty much, I’d like to add one into my story so that it gives people more of a choice! :smile:

I think it’s ink style

Oh, thanks! And yeah it’s the ink style.

Well, I used that and tried. It’s not changing the name :confused: Did I do something wrong with it? :blush: Thanks for help!

Did you mean that it’s not changing the character’s name in the template? Or did you want to add in the option to let readers type in their own name?

I have the character that they’ll be set, and as I used the Ink female customization template, I copied/pasted, and then did what it said, and as I highlighted it and wrote the name in, it turned red and went to a color, Light Ocre, (because the original name was Ocean.) I’m a little confused :sweat_smile:

Can you post a picture of your script?

and when I hit all, it does nothing. I might’ve done something wrong, not sure.

and I highlighted Femone to change it to Ocean, like the others and it does that.

You have to highlight FEMONE, press the keys ctrl and F together, then click on ALL, then change the name.

that’s what I did, but I’m going to try again. :slight_smile:

Okay, so I’ve hit female and since I have a Mac, I hit command f, and typed in the name and hit all. bUT instead of it actually changing the name, it sends me to “Light Ocre” and it’s not changing ANY names. I don’t know what to do.

You need to hit ALL before you type in the name


I do? okay thanks! (it worked! I feel stupid for not really thinking about it!)