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the episode writer portal has a whole new format and i have no clue how to work it. i’m writing a new story and am ready to get to creating the characters but i can’t seem to navigate the new format. where should i go to create my characters?


Thank you!


Go to “My Stories”. Click on the most current one. From there, it shows:
Speech Bubbles
(I forgot the last one…)


whenever i do that it doesn’t give me any options other than setting up the description and things like that.


Because you just started… Wait, can I get a screenshot?


my computer was messed up. i switched computers and everything works fine now, thanks!


Oh. You’re welcome!




Hey, so I need help on zooming on a characters legs but while in zoom and it’s running?
Have any ideas?



The code is: &zoom on X Y to % in seconds
Are you talking about a looping scene, or to another zone?