Confused New Girl



So…I am lost and confused to start writing a story via PC I’ve only written on my Phone tbh and its my first time and I’d really appreciate any help and I’m open to any story ideas as well


Did you enter the portal on your Pc?


There’s genres.





i want to write a drama


Ah. That’s very popular. Have any ideas yet?


Sort of I have my MC living with her ex in a dorm at college rn and he has a new girl that’s always dressed as a clown now to just go with the flow


I would love to help! Watching tutorials can be really helpful as they show exactly how to write it but what style are you using ? Ink? Limelight? This would be more helpful for me especially to know as I’ve only written in ink so I’m not sure for like light


I’m team ink, it’s for sure my style


I find it’s the better style I would like to add if I completely stop replying I’m not ignoring you I’m new to the forums and can only do a certain amount of replies so I will run out at some point I apologise in advance if I do as I’m replying to multiple people to help them


I Agree! That’s totally fine any help at anytime is great help; Thank You!


So what do you need help with at the moment? Bare in mind I’m not a pro myself I just watch tutorials when I’m stuck or ask on the forums when I can’t find a video!


Don’t Laugh! I can’t find the videos lol


Try this. :slight_smile: He has videos for every kind of thing you need. :slight_smile:


Theses are the exact ones I used to start and then from then out I just went on Instagram and asked like a few authors how to this and that and one of them had tutorials how to do most things


Oh okay. :slight_smile: I used them too and I think they’re pretty nice.
Do you need any help at the moment?


Sounds like drama mixed in with romance… Any other characters? That’s when the drama really gets cooking…


Thank You!!!


Yes, I’m thinking of having at least 2 more love interests and some sort of scandal.


So, a love triangle…

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