Confused! please help

Okay, so I’m really confused about the new rules regarding custom backgrounds… Are we allowed to use custom backgrounds as long as we don’t pay for them or recieve any payments?
Every episode account seem very upset that they can’t continue making their backgrounds so I really don’t understand these “new rules”

Can someone please help me, because I’m so confused :sweat_smile:


You can edit episode assets background but only for your self, you can’t widely distribute it, even if it’s for free.
But you can edit for your personal use. You can also help your friend out privately, but no public distribution list for allowed. This is what I have understood from all the posts so far.


And you can’t use hidden backgrounds as it’s not for us to use.


so lets say you want a certain Bedroom background and Episode has this background were you like the wall and Episode also has another background where you like the bed and Another background where you like the window and you go on your editing app or whatever and make that certain background you wanted…YOU can use it and upload it to your story but You CAN NOT share that backround on forum or google drive. Its only for you to use


Whyyyyyy lol :persevere: Now I understand why everyone are upset :sob: I really hope episode will reconsider this (even though they might not…)

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I mean they have to come up with some sort of compromise…because there’s some people who do not know how to make overlays and all that stuff so what if they need an overlay for an episode background, with the new enforcement of rule what are they suppose to do… they cant come here and ask for some because then we be breaking the rules and you cant direct them to a drive anymore becasue they wont be any