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Hey everyone,
I’m confused! I’m writing a story about robots kind of like wanting to take over the world. Although, I don’t want to make it to where everyone starts comparing it to the interactive game Detroit: Become Human or saying that I stole from it. I love the game and want my story to be inspired by it but I don’t want to cause any confusion. Its gonna be called “Edge of Existence”. Where do I start? Also, I don’t have a description. Oof! :thinking: :unamused:

Please, I strongly ask that no one steal anyone’s stories. I’ve seen many people say that someone stole their story ideas. Just don’t do it! For your sake and theirs.

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Start in the past how humans were still evolving or :joy: maybe a bit later than that and show how humans “were controlled” ig and wanted to be free from doing all the work they had to. So this scientist came up with an idea. He headed to his lab and began working. It took days and weeks and months and even years until finally it was ready to be set out for the world. It had a coyote like face but a lion shaped body with bear like features. Once it was programmed it began doing people’s chores and so on. Later on people didn’t even need to get up from where they were out to do whatever Errons they had.

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Thank you! :blush:

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