Confuses on I’m game choices

I’m having a hard time figuring out the dressing game …
Every time you make a choice
Like saying no
Doesn’t go back to the option screen. I looks it up but it’s not working for me . I’m not sure what type of game I am using it’s just the original one I played.

Here’s an example of what I use:


@YOU stands screen center AND YOU faces right

label choosing_outift

YOU (think)
(What do I want to wear today?)

“Outfit One.”{

@YOU changes into OUTFIT_1

}“Outfit Two.”{

@YOU changes into OUTFIT_2

}“Outfit Three.”{

@YOU changes into OUTFIT_3


YOU (think)
(Sure about this outfit?)

“Love it.”{



goto choosing_outfit


You look amazing!

A repost of mine from this other discussion: I need help with my outfit choice script!

Other helpful resources you can try:

and just type in “Dressing Game Joseph Evans” into Youtube so it wll give you a few videos by him on this where you can see how to let a reader choose outfits.

I’d also recommend checking out for many cool tips!
Good luck with everything and you can do it.

I tried it that way but maybe I am doing something wrong
If I post it could you help me figure it out please?

Sure I can try! I will attempt to help you to the best of my ability.

Thank you so much ! This is a bit more confusing than I thought … Very different from trying to make one on the ipad.

Okay so here it is.

label choosing_outfit
JADE (think)
(What should I wear tonight?)

“CUTE 1” {
@JADE is dustoff_loop
@JADE changes into CUTE 1
}“CUTE 2” {
@JADE is dustoff_loop
@JADE changes into CUTE 2
} “CUTE 3” {
@JADE is dustoff_loop
@JADE changes into CUTE 3
} “CUTE 4” {
@JADE is dustoff_loop
@JADE changes into CUTE 4
JADE (think)
(Is this what I want to wear?)
“no” {
goto changing_outfit
} “Yes” {
JADE (talk_preen)
This dress is stunning on me, it’s perfect!!

it should be goto choosing_outfit
since at the top of your dressing game, you used label choosing_outfit.

You Rock !! Thank you so much

No problem :wink: Am glad to have helped :sparkling_heart:

Can admin close this ? I have my answers now :slight_smile: