Confusing or no?

So, the main character will have MANY boyfriends throughout the story, but they’re not love interests if that makes sense. She’ll have 7 boyfriends in all, but only 2 of them are love interests. Something happens to one of the love interests which results in her only having one. Does this make sense to y’all? Do you think the reader will think that all 7 boyfriends are love interests?

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It’s how you make the relationship with the other ones. So it could be handy if you don’t put to much into the relationship with the ones who aren’t love interests. It would make the reader mad ‘cuz they can’t have him dhdhdh.

Some idea’s you didn’t ask for🥰:
You could use the relationships with the previous bf’s for the current LI. For example: is she heartbroken/has trust issues? Will the LI look way better than the past bf’s? Hope this helps!


Thank you! This did help.

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Awhh that makes me really happy :pleading_face:

Happy writing!

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america explain… PLZ :upside_down_face:

BDBSJS I can’t with you :skull::skull:

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ik :crazy_face:

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