Confusion about episode stories

I don’t understand why those known authors get a ton of reads for the same old storyline while smaller artists have great stories too.


My guess is that they have a bigger fanbase.


It can definitely be frustrating. Generally those authors have an existing fanbase. A simpler answer is that people like reading cliches. Like we complain about them all the time, but the vast majority of Episode readers actually enjoy them. A lot of of readers also are not willing to venture out into different stories, so stories with unique story-lines don’t get as many reads because it’s new.


People on Episode Forums are a lot different from the majority on Episode. Cliches work because they have been working on the Episode platform for years. Since Episode Originals have been turning towards CEO/mafia/badboy stories, a lot of people who are new to Episode also flock to episode stories made by the community that are similar to Episode Originals. Titles with the words love, sexy, mafia, bad, or whatever dominate the app, so it is hard for newer readers who do not like cliches to find stories that fit their taste.


This reminds me of another thread I’ve replied to. In short, Episode promotes whatever seems to resonate with the crowd, aka what everyone is digging in the community. They want more profit, so they release similar themes to appeal. Therefore, it shapes the core themes of the mainstream stories, shapes the face of Episode originals, in other words Episode becomes a CEO/mafia/badboy stories centered story platform.


Personally I think it’s because:

1.) The gem ranking system- the more gems your story makes the more your story gets featured/shown to readers and the less gems your story makes the less your story gets featured/shown to readers (if at all). So if they’re popular authors with a lot of reads, getting featured a lot, are well known and are being pushed on readers by Episode that of course means they’re raking in a good chunk of gems which in turn means their stories are shown WAY more then other authors.

2.) If you’re a lesser known author, don’t have many reads, don’t have a fan base and your story barely makes any gems Episode will pretty much blacklist you and hide your story making it really difficult for readers to find. For the past year+ on the app my homepage has been filled with the same kinda stories, from the same authors, either official stories or from popular community authors and i’ve had to really dig to find new stories to read from smaller authors.

3.) In my opinion the really well known community authors with popular stories and hundreds of thousands to millions of reads are on the same level as Official Episode stories are (same plots, same amount of gem choices, etc) literally the only difference between them is that their stories are labeled “community” and not “official” lmao so of course from a business stand point Episode is going to push those stories more as well as their own.

4.) Episode is obviously all about the money and not the quality so of course they’re going to put all their cards on authors who have stories that will make them a lot of money or potentially make them a lot of money and not care about if the story is actually any good or not so any authors who don’t fit that bill are pushed to the way side.

5.) Gems and chapter tickets are expensive especially for what they are and not a lot of people can afford it plus there’s also a lot of kids who use Episode who obviously can’t make their own purchases or afford to whenever so of course they’re going to use them sparingly which means they’re going to stick with authors they know, stories they know, genres they like, etc and not branch out to try new things in fear of wasting those hard to come by resources. I know this because before deciding to sign up for the Amethyst VIP package every month I did the same exact thing because I didn’t want to potentially waste resources.

Don’t get me wrong I really can’t stand it because there’s so many talented people out there that are getting screwed and wish they’d get rid of the gem ranking system, stop forcing all community authors to add gem choices to their stories, cared more about ALL of their authors, stopped only caring about money, stopped only caring about popular authors that make them money, at the very least gave away more free resources and lowered the costs of gems and chapter tickets. I 100% get that they have to make money because a business can’t run and thrive without it but I feel like they went insanely overboard with it. And that’s not even counting all the other shady stuff they’ve done :rofl:. So many authors have left Episode, readers have left or stopped using it as much, community stories are slowly changing into official stories because their rules are forcing authors to have no choice but to add gem choices, authors have sold their community stories to Episode and only write official stories now. Basically Episode’s whole plan to make more money is doing the complete opposite and it’s a mess lmao :woman_facepalming:t2:


Ahhh girlll! U hit the spot with all these spots. I was an author back in 2017/2018, back than gems were not even important and i made an classic story and got reads. I published a new story this year but it got no views so far! Not that reads matter but i cant stand the gems either


I agree with everything above, but I want to share my unpopular opinion: it’s not like these popular authors were lucky enough, so all of a sudden their stories became trending. It was a hard work, most of the popular stories that I’ve read have an amazing directing and what’s most importnat, creative directing, which plays a big role. What I learned from writing my own stories (by that i mean 100500 drafts lol) is that however good your plot is, it’s not enough, there are tons of stories. I get your frustration, I’m no different, it seems unfair that some stories are popular just because they’re written by someone, who was already recognized, but then again, these stories aren’t bad at all. They’re made professionally, I don’t claim that I know every author on this platform, of course not, but most of the stories by popular authors are really good, they deserve to be on the shelves. Even though I’d like it if smaller authours would get more recognition, there is still a share of luck in this.


Another point: people like what they like, there is still a choice to read another genre. Authors write not only for themselves, but for others to read it and there is nothing wrong with it imo