Confuzled with backgrounds

Hey y’all so I want to start coming up with some swanky backgrounds for my episode and I really like how people are making their own out of the ones we have.So I was wondering how you could do that.Also all the measurements for the backgrounds for when I get ready to have them reviewed.

Moved to Community Resources section as that’s where Art things live! Should be the best place to find the answers you’re looking for :+1:t2:

To make your own swanky backgrounds you could find an image off of Google or make one yourself on a digital art app. I prefer Pixlr’s web app because it’s easy to use for both rookie and skilled artists. As far as background measurements go, the size for one panel is 640 x 1136. If the image you want is too small, you can go on Pixlr and create a blank template with these dimensions, open an image/image url as a layer, and go to edit -> free transform to stretch it out to fit the template. I hope this helped, and feel free to ask anything else. :slight_smile:

Oh my goodness thank you I’ll try it. :grin:

No problem, glad I could help! :smiley:

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