Connect Forum to Episode Account


One thing that was definitely missing from the previous forum is the inability to connect our Episode accounts to our forum account. Though I understand that the forum was on a different platform, I think that now that this is an Episode-based platform, we should be able to connect it to our actual Episode account. That way we can connect our stories, profile, etc!

Just a thought! :grin:


I think that’s a really good idea!


I agree with this feature we could see our interests and start topics. It would be also cool if it shows what we are currently reading and able to do reviews of the story on our profile.


Amazing idea!


BUMPING this!!


@Alexis Great idea.

If this is possible, it’d be a really sweet feature to have and make the forums more inretesting.

Supporting this for sure.


I like this idea actually. I always found Episode App Profiles were useless. Being able to connect it to the forums would improve it. I never understood the following feature for the app. The Episode Team could totally add on to this to make it even better!




Yes! It makes everything more organized, and allows authors to directly make posts or easily answr questions!


This isn’t an Episode based platform Discourse is just a free to use forum rather than paying for vBulletin.


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