‘Connection Error’ problem?


Like every time I open a story it loads then numbers load for a bit then it says THIS

Like I really wanna read my fav story but it keeps doing this, my WiFi bars are completely up :sob::cry:


I’m having the SAME PROBLEM it’s soooo annoying!


I know right? I wonder if everyone is having this problem :thinking:


Found a solution! Delete Episode then download it back it should work


As @ButterflyMagic101 said, if you are experiencing that issue. Uninstall the app and reinstall it. Maybe, restart your phone? Perhaps, closing Episode and then opening it. Her method is better. :+1:t2:


I uninstalled and reinstalled and it worked!


Great! :+1:t5:


I was also so excited it worked for me too


@Jeremy you can close this thread now please all problems are solved :smiley:


Hello! I already tried updating the app, reinstalling it, clear cache partition and even rebooting it. But my app wont load it says connection time out and check connection. I can open it on mobile data but i cant open it on wifi.please do take note i can play other online games using wifi. I have been havinh this problem for over a week. I tried contacting them. But they didnot help.


Hmm :thinking:, I’m not sure why it’s not working


Feel free to submit a ticket to our support team who is happy to help!


When I delete episode and again download it, do I need all my fav stories read again since the beginning?


It shouldn’t be erased, as long as you have your acc logged in before you delete you will be ok :ok_hand:t5:


That’s the problem, I didn’t logged to the app.


Wait, so you OHHH I think I know what u mean, you did it without signing in?




You do remember your acc info right?


I didn’t logged into the app


Your progress shouldn’t be deleted, you should be fine remember! Delete the app reinstall then sign in but I think you’re saying you never created a acc which the possibilities probably are yes it might have to restart which means you might have to start over not completely sure