Connection failed at loading episode screen

Hello to everyone! I’m a new user here and i’d want to say a problem that i’m facing. I enter into the app and suddenly it shows me ‘‘connection failed’’ and it stucks to the loading screen. Unfortunately, i can’t see in the app my support id, in order to communicate with the episode support (because it stucks to the loading screen as i said earlier) and i also thought to uninstall and install the app, but the problem is, it says in the store that (the app) it’s not compatible anymore with my device. What do i do in that case?


You are using Android or iOS? And it also depends on which version of the phone are you using. Is it old, somewhere in between or new?

Maybe you can change your device?
Or check your internet service and try again?
Or try to install it with another app instead of playstore

I’m using Android and I have the app on tablet, specifically lenovo. Apart from the playstore says that it’s not compatible anymore, it works fine.

Maybe i’ll end up changing device, but i don’t want to lose the stories i’ve played. That’s the issue. As for the internet i checked it so many times and it’s alright. By the way, do you know beyond playstore any other app i could install it from?

You can check out on play store for other installer. Since I don’t have any :sweat_smile: other one than playstore, I can’t suggest

Okay! :blush: Thank you so much for your help!

Your welcome

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I get that message if I don’t have a strong internet connection

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Hey again! I submited a request to the supportive team about my issue and because i can’t see my support id, i put in there that i don’t know it. Do you know maybe when they’ll answer me?