Consent in Magical Stories

TW: mentions of r*pe and SA

Let’s talk about consent in magical stories.

I’ve recently seen a rise in stories that portray SA as more “lighthearted” rather than what it actually is, simply because the story takes place in a magical setting. I’ve seen even more authors get away with writing these things simply because it seems that them throwing in magic instead of, let’s say, alcohol, takes away the graveness of the issue at hand. I would just like to bring up the fact that it does not, and it’s just as serious as it would be in a more “real life” setting. I’ve also seen people refuse to add trigger warnings to these kinds of things simply because the magical setting leads them to take it less seriously.

A character in a magical setting cannot consent while:

  • Under the influence of love spells or magic.
  • In any kind of hypnotic state.
  • Being compelled by a vampire or any other creature you decide has compulsion powers.
  • Being controlled by their “inner wolf”.
  • Under mind control.

These kinds of things do not get a pass just because it’s “magic” instead of real life substances. You don’t get the right to just throw them in for plot reasons or to “spice” your story up. It’s still sexual assault regardless of the setting, and still requires a proper trigger warning and needs to be tackled with care. I’m honestly sick of these types of things getting ignored because they involve magic. A person cannot consent while under the influence of drugs/alcohol, so why would it be any different with potions and spells? Would it be taken more seriously if this magic was labelled as something else? Consent under an influence of any kind is not consent, so stop acting like it is.


Couldn’t agree more. I was shocked when I saw one of the most popular authors on the app disregard consent completely because the person was “under the influence of a love potion”, as if that’s an excuse. I won’t say the name because I don’t feel like getting attacked today and I think people will know the story I’m talking about anyway.

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I know which one, it was a really uncomfortable situation. :grimacing:

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Yes, this is so true! I thought I was the only one. They use love potions as a cover up for r*pe, and I find that very wrong. And it’s not just episode stories, it’s a lot of other books. Also forcefully taking women to be their bride does not sit right with me :confused:

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Yeah I recently read a story where the whole premise was around the LI being under the influence of a love potion and then the LI would always keep trying to kiss the MC cough cough Black Magic cough cough and I was so uncomfortable when I was reading it. Like, that’s not okay.

I think Ava Stacy’s Spilled Love Potion is an example of love potions done right where some of the LIs may be under the influence of the love potions but they aren’t being grossly pushy or touchy to the point that it could count as SA with the MC.


[i] yea

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