Conspiracy Theories: The Game

HELLO guys, as you know, I’m Orona- university student by day, avid Episode forumer by night. And I got an idea for a new game! It’s a mix between RPs and a game actually, and I got the idea just after class this week. So the idea is, every now and then, a new story/excerpt of a story will be posted, having to do with a crime,murder, and stuff like that. There’s no right or wrong answer, but the objective is to come up with a theory as to who did it. And not only that:

you need to make the theory sound as real as possible, to convince everyone that that is what happened. It can be as crazy as you want it to be, just needs to be convincing. The post/theory with the most likes, wins!

For the stories used for the game, I will use one for this week, and you guys can PM me stories you would like featured here as the story of the week. The story can be written by you, or it can also be extracted from somewhere- it doesn’t have to be your own work.

Hopefully this game will be fun, strengthen your super sleuth skills, and perhaps be helpful to ya when writing a mystery story.

Story of this week is:

The Baroness (to be posted soon).

Can’t wait you guys! Reply/watch this post if you’re interested (though this is open to all)

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Cool! Can’t wait!

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Yay! Waiting for more participants before I can post the story.

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Tagging people (you don’t have to join, I’m just tagging y’all so you see it):

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This seems interesting

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i love conspiracy theories so im joinin in lol


Conspiracy Theories: Story Excerpt 1

As he left for a visit to his outlying districts, the jealous baron warned his pretty baroness: “Do not leave the castle while I am gone, or something unfortunate will happen to you!” But as the hours passed, the young baroness grew lonely, and despite her husband’s warning, she decided to visit her secret lover, who lived in the countryside nearby.

The castle was situated on an island in a wide, fast-flowing river. A drawbridge linked the island to the mainland at the narrowest point in the river. “Surely my husband will not return before me,” she thought, and ordered the servant to lower the drawbridge and leave it down until she returned. After spending several pleasant hours with her lover the baroness returned to the drawbridge.

Fearing for her life, the bareness returned to her lover and asked him for help to escape elsewhere. “Our relationship is only a physical one,” he said. – “I will not help.” The bareness then sought out a boatman on the river, explained her plight to him and asked him to take her across the river in his boat. “I will do it but only if you can pay the fee of five marks.” “But I have no money with me!” the baroness protested. “That is too bad. No money, no, ride,” the boatmen said flatly. Her fear growing, the baroness ran crying to the home of a friend and, after explaining her desperate situation begged for enough money to pay the boatman his fee. “If you had not disobeyed your husband this would not have happened,” the friend said. “Today is the day of religious observation, and it commands that I cannot lend money to anyone; hence, I will give you no money.”

With dawn approaching and her last resource exhausted, the baroness returned to the bridge in desperation, and waited to cross to the castle, and was approached by the gateman. “I understand the great deal of time you’ve waited for me in the past,” claims the baroness. “If you let me through to the castle, I shall forever be yours.” Without second doubts, the gateman withdrew a dagger and dug it into the baroness’ chest. “I’m sorry, young baroness,” he exclaimed.


This is the first C.T. story, so now think about:

Who is responsible? At first it may seem to be the gateman… but dig deeper.

Whatever your theory is, you need to state who you think was guilty of the baroness’ death. Was it anyone? Was it… whispers: no one ? Was it MORE than one person? You can assume anything you like AS LONG AS it is not mentioned in the story.
Waiting to hear your awesome theories.


edited theory
The baroness’ friend was the murderer.

The gateman’s murder attempt failed. The dagger was like tickles for her.
Why? Because she was secretly a vampire. She was almost immortal.

Anyway, after that she went to her friend’s house again.
Her friend, innocently, gave her a special meal containing garlic.
After digesting a minimal amount of food, her immune system betrayed her, and then, she passed away.


The baron was having an affair too! But with the same man as his wife, (Let’s call him Robert). The Baron and Baroness were never in love, they only married for financial benefits. Instead, the Baron was truly in love with Robert. When the Baron married the Baroness, he and Robert agreed to kill the Baroness in due course. But alas, that would seem too suspicious. Robert agreed to ‘have an affair’ with the Baroness, this way they could kill her and say she’d run away with her lover. It became too much for Robert, pretending to love someone he didn’t, so when the Baroness came to him he told her he didn’t really love her and sent her away. Fearing the Baron would be angered by his actions, he decided to implement the plan early. Bribing one of the loyal servants in the castle into killing her in return for riches. He, of course, agreed. When she returned the servant stabbed her, received his money and left for new pastures. Robert buried her body then went back to the castle, wrote a fake note from the Baroness saying she’d left to be with her lover, (for proof in case anybody came to ask where she was), the reunited with the Baron where they lived happily ever after. Or at least as happy as a secretly gay couple could in the olden days.


The baron was having an affair and only told the Baroness to stay in the castle as an attempt to keep his affair a secret until he felt ready to introduce his mistress(lets call her Bonnie) as a second wife, but the barons mistress had no intention of sharing her man thus her obsession with the baron caused her to request her brother(the gate man lets call him Charlie) to assassinate the baroness which he only did so to cause her lover (lets call him Micheal) the pain of losing someone he loves as revenge for Micheal taking his high school sweetheart from him years ago but unfortunately Micheal only wanted wanted the baroness for her riches thus he refused to help her get back to the castle as he found out about the barons affair and Micheal only told her he didn’t care about her because he thought the baron would cast her away after introducing his mistress as his new wife.


love Shan’s videos!

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P.S. you’re only allowed one like for ONE theory, since people liking multiple means we can’t determine a winner

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@GoldenGirl wins this round!

Would you like to come up with a story for round 2? It doesn’t have to be your own story (but it can be). It just needs to be vague so that many theories can be derived from the story.

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@GoldenGirl can you please come up with a story

It’s fine; I shall post the next story in a bit. :wink:

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