Conspiracy theories... who is controlling the world...?!


The internet was created by a Satanist.


OKAY- ya ready.

The world keeps on going back in time. That’s why sometimes Monday feels like a Wednesday or a Wednesday feels like a Thursday AND Deja-Vu. You’ve already lived the days that’s why you know what is going to happen. Someone like destroyed the world, or screwed up. So they reset time just a few days and tries again.

drops mic


And I know who is responsible. Do you?

The culprit



it all makes sense now


Da conspiracy theories :smirk:


who told you that? don’t want to be rude


i think isis ws created by illuminati itself and zionists


I found another interesting IG (


I’m not sure :slight_smile:


Also , clearly the Internet is controlling most of us but … Who’s controlling the Internet ???


Cern controls the internet. Cern is also Satanic. A member of Cern created the internet. The internet is evil.


THANKYOU for the answer, now I shall complete my theory :3


Putin of course !