Constructive Criticism+Feedback for the Episode Forums

Moved to Site Feedback since this is about the forum. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions.

In regards to trolling, please keep in mind that it is expressly forbidden by Our Forum Moderation Standards and Guidelines. I would heavily encourage everyone to review the guidelines, ask questions of the staff if they have concerns/confusion, and be sure to flag any posts that violate said guidelines.

Thanks :slight_smile:

  1. It would be great if account deletion and username change get added. I have an old account that I no longer use that I would love to delete, and I no longer like the name mnemosyne. Episode should add an edit button beside the username. To avoid frequent changes, a new person’s username can only be changed after 15 days, and if they do change it, they have to wait another 15 days.
    Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 10.24.27 AM

If the user clicks on the edit button after just entering a new name:
Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 10.24.27 AM

I think it would also be good to automatically delete inactive accounts. If a user hasn’t logged in for over a year or two, they receive an email that their account will be deleted if they don’t log in within 3 months.

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Mods need to address the way they’re been running the forums. They ran away the once active users. I would say it would be nice to reopen the rp section, I never used it. But after it closed the forums were extremely dry. And finally I feel like they should address the issue with people flags things that aren’t against the rules they just don’t like it, and they do it with no consequences.

The way these forums are moderated. And a better flagging system so the abuse can stop.


Hmm… I’d say maybe a guide for flagging purposes. Due to the fact I’ve been seeing a lot of flagged comments lately :eyes: Possibly staff could check to see if the post/comment really deserves to be flagged. Yes, it could take some time but staff are already approving/disapproving covers, backgrounds, as well as overlays (I think) They could possibly take maybe 15 minutes a day to check some flagged comments? This is just my opinion

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A better flagging system. Definitely. I know it would take a lot of time out of their day, but maybe the mods could review flagged comments before they get hidden. I’ve been flagged for the dumbest reasons, mostly because I don’t agree with someone and since they don’t have a backbone, they obviously flag me. Which is part of the reason I don’t post as much as I used to.

As far as I know, when a flagged post gets hidden it counts as something offensive, and when a user reaches a certain amount of those, they get suspended. And if the flags aren’t really offensive and someone just flags a person because they’re bored, that would cause a lot of users to be suspended unfairly.

They need to bring the Roleplay section back. A lot of people made friends and socialized on there, and they were understandably upset when it got taken down. They keep on talking about their future plans, but they don’t let us know what those plans are. They want to make the forums a better place for future users, but don’t acknowledge their current users that are here right now. I know it’s pretty unlikely they’ll do it, but bringing back the Roleplay section is certain to bring back lots of users with it.

None if this was meant to be interpreted in a hurtful manner, I’m just trying to give my opinion of how the forums can improve.

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“A better flagging system. Definitely. I know it would take a lot of time out of their day, but maybe the mods could review flagged comments before they get hidden.”. We do review every single flag, the only way a post or thread can be hidden is by a member of the forum team reviewing it. If your content was hidden then it was rightfully flagged for violating the forum rules listed below.

We do have rules as well as Moderation Guidelines that have been accessible to the entire community for (not exaggerating) years now. I would highly encourage every member to read, review it and read them both again. They both include rules to combat trolling behavior as well as many other instances that occur on the forums :grin:

Forum Moderation Guidelines & Standards - This thread gives details “to the t” regarding what constitutes as a rule violations and how the forum teams handles them. - Our Forum Moderation Standards and Guidelines

The Official Forum General Rules - this includes a list of rules that help the community with a better understanding of what is allowed and not allowed on the forums - UPDATED 7/2019 Forum General Rules

For any other forum related questions feel free to Private message our Forum Moderator @Sydney_H or me and we will try to get back to you asap. Please note with the excessive amount of flags we might take longer than normal to reply. Thanks all!


Good news! We have had a flagging tutorial up for everyone for years now! Feel free to review it here: Flagging, the forums and you! 🚩.

It’s not a matter of the forums not having rules, guidelines or tutorials. It’s a matter of the community not reading them :man_shrugging:


I have a question, Nick. I checked the Discourse FAQ about flags, and it mentions a post gets automatically hidden after it acquires 3 flags. Under that point, it mentions a user receiving a private message informing them of it being flagged and it mentions a “Take Action” button. What does this mean then? And what happens to a flagger if they wrongly flag many comments that are approved to be alright by the staff?

For a suggestion, I would recommend maybe having some kind of thread for new users. It would make things organized so there’s not a lot of first post messages all over the threads as well making it easier for new members to adjust to the community.

Right, well sometimes people be getting flagged for no reason.

That’s the problem :upside_down_face:


If you feel that any post or thread that was flagged / hidden was not accurate the entire community has always and still has every opportunity to private message the forum team to review it further. :man_shrugging:

As the defender of justice you should pretty much be familiar with justice. I don’t know :woman_shrugging:t2: about you but from what I’ve seen it takes up to serval days for y’all to open the pm and do something. You can keep on saying read the guidelines etc but we want some action.

Trust me I’ve read them but unfortunately nothing. For those who have reached out to you or others y’all simply say look at the moderation rules blah blah blah.

This is simply what I think.

Correct me if I’m wrong.


When dealing with over 100k very active community members it is a given that replying to private messages takes time. Thanks for your understanding :blush:


I understand, but if you guys see common topics about the whole flagging, aren’t y’all going to discuss it as a team? Maybe your moderation rules aren’t enough?

Slowly but surely people will leave the episode community. I apologize if I am being very blunt but that’s how I see and I call it.


I’m glad you mentioned that. The team is actually discussing this exact issue and working hard on formulating a way to combat the excessive false flags as well as the less than ideal trolling that can cause negative experiences within the community. It’s going to take time but as of right this moment the team is doing the best we can with the rules, guidelines and flagging system that we have :heart:


I understand and especially during these times. Personally, if I were in your shoes I’d try to put myself into the episode community’s shoes. That way maybe you’ll understand where we’re coming from.


I’m going to be as transparent with you as I can. The forum team knows, sees and understands what everyone is going through. We spend lots…and I cannot state this enough…lots of time on the forums and we see what is happening and are literally the only ones who manage the forum community. At the end of the day it’s not about having a clear understanding because we already do have one. It’s a matter of the community following the rules and the team being able to properly handle the users who are abusing the system. On behalf of the forum team I cannot apologize enough for any current issues that you might be experiencing but rest assured that we understand and are :100: trying our best with what we have and the time allowed :heart:


I’ll give you that one, I know you don’t have the ability to stop people from flagging. But maybe just maybe (a suggestion) it may be complex to but create a robot to monitor the flags.

Also off topic - but also correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve been seeing topics being closed because they’re trying to speak their minds. Although it can get hectic but aren’t we allow to speak?


If a thread gets flagged or closed it’s because a post or multiple posts violated the forum rules. The common misconception seems to be that our community seems to think it’s impossible to violate the forum rules while expressing their valid and much valued opinions. Guess what though? It’s incredibly possible and happens all the time :sob:. When a thread gets out of control to the point that it’s closed any user on the forums has the right and chance to recreate the thread and make sure the new one is under proper control.


Hm, I guess you have point. People can get out of hand with their thoughts and emotions and can offend others starting a riot :skull:. But hey! It happens in real life.

I think this will be my last question. I don’t know if you heard (you must have heard) but authors (big authors) don’t follow the guidelines. Is it because they have more reads? I want an honest answer not get ghosted either.

Edit: If you ghost me :skull: it proves my point.

My point is yes :upside_down_face:.


We kind of don’t make some things easy for the mods. It’s just some transparency of any kind would help and communication. There’s times where things get hectic, but as said before, there are times where the thread is mostly peaceful with only a few bad apples who ruin the flow of the thread. I’m still confused though. You said the only way a post can be hidden is if it’s reviewed by a member of the moderation team.

In this post by Discourse, it says that post with three flags get automatically hidden. Is true or not?