Constructive Criticism, pt. 2

This is my other more recent edit. I appreciated the tips I got on my other one. Is there anything I could’ve done on this edit to make it better? Anatomy, shading, highlighting etc. Let me know! But there is a difference between hating, and criticism. Giving tips, and advice is Criticism. Saying it’s “ugly” etc is hate.


I don’t see anything wrong, I love it

its really pretty

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There is literally nothing wrong.

The only thing I’d say is to make her lips look like she’s not pouting?

But that could just be the purpose - other than that, it’s flawless.

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The only small thing that I noticed was her left arm (our right) is just like really straight, I think it should have like just a little bend but I only found that after like searching for something.


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Wow I don’t see anything to point out it’s amazing!:heart:
The shade is really well!

Your shading is beutiful, especially the hair :doughnut:

Hmm it’s hard for me to critique a finely done piece but here are my criticisms to help u improve even more: (please don’t be discouraged)

1)The arm of the character looks oddly thin.Practice drawing arms and hands as I saw your earlier piece as well it had the same arm issue.

2)The upper lip looks too unrealistic as compared to the whole piece. paint some tiny strokes above the upper lip to give it a better shape .i recommend not to use airbrush for addition of shadows.

  1. the wings are bit too flat.try Adding tiny feathers in it.Before drawing wings, I’d suggest you to examine various bird feathers.
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I think it looks amazing and don’t really see anything wrong… all I can think of is the wings. Like mystery said they look a little flat, I’d also recommend to draw some feathers to make it pop more! Other than that I think it’s flawless. Good job.

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