Constructive criticism pt. 4

Here’s another edit I would like to be criticized. Once again, tips, and advice for me to improve my edits are welcomed. I think being criticized on my work as an editor will help me improve on what’s wrong. Keep in mind there is a difference between hating, and criticism. Hating is calling it bad, ugly etc. Criticism is giving advice, and tips on how to make an edit better.


The edit looks great! I just feel like the anatomy is a bit off and she’s posed pretty weirdly, also the shading around the cleavage area could be a bit more realistic, unless she has the strongest push-up bra to ever exist on. Other than that, I really like the coloring at all! Especially the hair! Good job.


LMAOO that push up bra part made me Laugh so much. But thank you!

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The only things are the arms look a little long and the lack of hair next to her neck looks a little strange. I like everything else, it’s amazing

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