Constructive Criticism

Hey everyone ! This is my most recent edit on Instagram. I am @epi_.halle on instagram, however the forums will not allow me to change my username. I am wanting constructive opinions/criticism to help my editing techniques improve to its highest capacity. Don’t be shy about what you think needs to improve!


And this is it without a filter.


Was this edit sent from heaven?? You’re so talented I’m honestly not sure if there is anything you really have to improve on.

Maybe work on the guy’s forearm (it’s a little short) and the girl’s hands. Her fingers are a little stubby at the moment. You can definitely tell that it’s in the Episode style, though, so that’s a great start!

  • forearm size from elbow to wrist is exactly the same length as the shoulder to elbow. And both your forearm and your upper arm are the same length as the top of your head to your chin.

  • Your elbows when you’re standing straight are perfectly in line with the high point of your hipbones.

  • Your wrists when standing straight are perfectly in line with the top of your thighs/groin.

  • When your hand is splayed out with your fingers spread, it will cover your whole face.

^ These are some great proportion tips to make your characters look much better. It’s how the real human body works!


Make sure to put watermark on your work so no one can steal it. Very talented and I love it.

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Fjakakaijbahjanaaalakab I. I just can’t

This is so good! :sob::heart_eyes:

Only criticism would be to work on his arm but I think its amazing.