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Hey Guys!

:rotating_light: UPDATE: Guys, I’m currently going through a stressful period of moving cities and straggling work from two different schools so please forgive me for my Recent inactivity! I’m Back and this thread is open!! :sweat_smile: :rotating_light:

So correct me if I’m wrong but this should be the first of it’s kind, This is a Constructive Criticism Thread for your Story Cover! :yay:
I have seen a lot of individual “feedback on my cover” threads and they don’t get a lot of attention.

This thread is solely for:

  • Posting your PUBLISHED Episode Story Covers for FEEDBACK using the :sparkles:Form :sparkles:
  • Positively communicating to the Critique (aka me for the time being) in feedback and questions about your work

:red_light: House Rules!

  • Guys remember this is a simple OPINIONATED FEEDBACK thread. No advise or concerns given stand true for everyone in this community, I am solely giving you advice on what I have seen in opinion threads.
  • No off-topic talk or hate of any kind
  • No form, No feedback. why? This is so that everyone has a fair way of presenting their cover without bias! And it’s easier to write :kissing:
  • Lastly, have faith! I may not be Picasso but a story’s success also depends on its content,
    -covers attract readers, content inside KEEPS readers.

—Depending on the success of this thread, I might find more ppl to help me give feedback in the future

MOST IMPORTANTLY: YOU DO NOT NEED TO IMMEDIATELY CHANGE YOUR WHOLE COVER UPON FEEDBACK. :red_light: -I myself have created my own cover over months, and it still requires improvement, I *know* covers are a lot of work. This feedback gives you an idea on what ppl like me may think of your cover or perhaps what you could change/improve if you decide to have a cover refresh in the future.
✨Le Form✨

Name of story:
*Insert Cover Picture here (Bearing in mind your story must be published, this means that someone may find your story here and want to read it!)
Any specific worry you have about ur cover (like “oh is the eyeball too big? Is my cover low quality/blurry?) etc.


And PS sorry if this is the wrong place Sydney :grimacing:

After using this, Did you find this thread Helpful?
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-I have also decided to add some “Free game”: really helpful things for covers that are free :two_hearts::
For things to make covers: -ibis paint X I’ve heard, -I use Adobe Fresco PM me any others
To remove backgrounds for your characters, images (and overlays):
For fonts: I LOVE FontSpace, there’s also 1001 FreeFonts
Royalty free images: Unsplash, Pixabay, pexels, and many more you should search
PNG for overlays: pngtree, freepngs, rawpixel, and many more for you to look up


Well let me be the first to post. This is my cover. Made it myself

Title: scorn heir
Genre: fantasy
Description: After a tragedy befalls the royal family, you’re forced to take the throne. But will you thrive or fail when a ghost gets in the way and someone else tries to claim the throne too?

I don’t really have any worry, it’s pretty old and I have improved a lot since. Espically with colours which is my biggest insecurity with the cover.


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Thank you!!


you’re welcome :innocent:

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Moved to Art Resources since this is about cover art. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :smiley:


So I really like your cover, it’s very lovely.

  • body proportions are pretty good :straight_ruler:
  • U can tell immediately the genre and the scene itself seems fitting for the description :crown: :dagger:
  • The image quality itself is good, and should be fine when episode minimises it on the app
    -Improvement: I would say I understand why you chose the style of font you did; however it may be a little hard to read as it is very thin, embellished and similar in colour to the background. This may make it hard to see on the app significantly.:mag_right:
    → Therefore maybe try using FontSpace and find a similar “fantasy” more readable font?

sometimes when you want to make a certain feature more prominent e.g. a character, adding darker/lighter shading faintly around the edges of it and make it a bit more bold
See in my cover for example (click on the image itself to see it in proper resolution:

As you can see closely, I add faint light shading around the character, and a darker navy that the background under the title for some shadow and to make it bolder :blush:

—other than that lovely cover! :art::two_hearts:


Genre Adventure


After a shipwreck, your dreams of being an astronomer seem “wrecked.” When stranded on board with seven pirates and a mysterious map, can you find your way home?

Any specific worry you have about ur cover Sometimes I just worry about the art style and the face/hair.


I really love the cover, it’s very well done!

  • In terms of your worries: I personally really like this art style, the cover made me smile :blush:
  • The background isn’t too graphic, which draws great attention into the character itself and the Title :sparkles:
  • The cover fits perfectly with the description and Genre
  • Good use of shading and attention to detail especially in the face
  • The title is simple and clear to read, and the image quality is fine so prbly won’t be affected on the app.
    → Any tips? Tbh it’s quite hard to critique, the art style itself is fine, as everyone has their own way of drawing; Maybe with the title: “STARS” you could use the same colour in font :art: that you did for the “LOST” part (which was white right??) and then when you make them the same colour that word “STARS” could have a bit of a glowing effect such as just lightly highlighting around the letters gently for a shine/glow just like the first word. (Like veryyyy gently :ok_hand:)

-Oh Yh Same :art:Tip I just gave @line123462 in the previous post, it isn’t to do with u guys’ specific works, just a random tip for digital art in the future
—But wonderful, bold cover! :art:


Name of story: Until Tomorrow
Genre: Scifi

In a Dystopian Earth ruled by machines, Astrid was created to serve the world. But when she takes the hand of a mysterious stranger, her life suddenly takes a dangerous turn…
Any specific worry you have about ur cover I’m just curious about general tips, esp for the metal, since I might revamp the story soon.


Thank you for the advice :kissing_heart:


Name of story: What Women Want
Genre: Action, LGBTQ+

  • Insert Cover Picture here
    (This is the cover of my second story. I made it myself hehe)

    Description: You left what you used to do to forget your tragic past. But, what if one day the one you left behind needed you back? Would you come back?
    Any specific worry you have about ur cover:
    For me, I think it’s good and I received a lot of good messages abt my cover when I released it but I don’t know if this attracts more readers despite being only edited. :sweat_smile:

btw, thank you so much for this thread! have a good day!

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Ah, I’ve seen your story around, lovely bold cover!

  • There is a very good use of shading and contour (which I envy 🥲)
  • The title itself is Bold and readable and the font chosen also contributes to the way this cover fits well in its genre :robot: :space_invader:
  • The image quality is great and will be fine when minimised
  • The attention is drawn to the character straight away and isn’t distracting
  • Since you said you are planning a revamp, do you intend to revamp/edit the cover too?
    → If you are:
  • Perhaps making the Title a bit larger or play around with the placement/graphic effects on the words; perhaps the words pixelate off at the endings or underneath etc?
  • if you like, you could change up the background and have a sci-fi type of background or something related to a scene in the story (but if it is a detailed/graphic background be careful to make sure u add a bit of blur effect under the words of the title so the background doesn’t distract/blend in with the words)
  • You could add more special effects to show that it is a metal outfit, perhaps drill holes etc. Or perhaps change up the eyes with more detail, just have a look at humanoid robot eyes for inspiring

If you aren’t:

  • you could add a bit more shading to the hair, remember where light casts its highlights and shadows to make certain features prominent in the hair
  • Perhaps increasing title size

→ these are just ideas if you plan on a new cover but other than that, it’s great! :two_hearts:

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Wow, this is a really interesting cover, quite movie like! :heart_eyes:

  • There is high quality in the image and editing
  • The fonts make sense and their placement are suitable to its area
  • The colour scheme is great and doesn’t clash
  • the background isn’t overly graphic which is great
    → Perhaps try making the “Are you ready to fight?” smaller to draw more attention to the title :ok_hand:
  • Then maybe and like a tiny bit darker shadow under the official Title Letters just to make it pop a bit more :star2:
    — Overall, this is a really good edit Cover, and fits its genre too! :art:
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Name of story: Poison for your Heart
Genre: Mystery/Romance

(Sry, it’s a SS cuz I’m not on my phone)
Description: You’re a woman on a deadly mission. But what will you do if a determined EBI agent is on your tail? Can you fool him or will you not only lose your freedom but your heart? CC, CM
Worries: no specific, just curious if it makes curious to read :blush::sunflower:

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thank you so much!!! :hugs::green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:

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Title : In His Dark World

Author : @Isabella.write

Description : After a steamy night with a rather mysterious hot stranger, Things get bad. What happens when you find out he is more than a normal human? or what’s worse? You’re pregnant!

~ Art scenes
~ Full CC
~ 1 LI
~ Advanced coding


Worries : It’s not published, but I don’t know if the cover matches the Title and description :pleading_face: I’ll be happy if you could help me @Crystalising!!

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Thank you so much!!! :hearts: :sob:


Have I put in a request for you?

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