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Yeah, I have no clue :joy:


The best way to get an answer for these types of questions is to send the image to our review team at our support desk. They can generally tell you whether something is okay to use or not. You can contact them here.


Lol I saw a background in a story with a giant “shutterstock” watermark on it :joy:
I would imagine that one slipped through the cracks?



Thank you so much for your reply! I was wondering how you would submit a story for review?

Thanks :smiley:


-any references to real people or places
This part confuses me a bit, as I’m writing a story now and I have references to real city’s for example NY,Rome,Paris, etc.
Also I might have a joke or two about real people,but to be safe I cancelled them from the script and what about quoting somebody?Like a a famous writer or historian? I saw lots of stories with quotes, can we do that at least?


you can references cities but you can’t reference real celebrities


hi, i have a question about referencing a college.

originally, the main character of my story wants to go to stanford university. looking at these guidelines, however, i’m assuming i can’t have that. would it be okay if i just changed the college’s name and kept the same details, like acceptance rate and statistics?


You probably can put Stanford. In Mean Girls, the MC referenced Yale, a lot. Like that was 30% of the plot was wanting to go to Yale.


Why can’t celebrities be characters in your story? It’s kind of hypocritical because Episode makes stories about celebrities, for example: Pitch Perfect In Deep Treble, Demi Lovato, and Cameron Dallas, also if you wanna count the Dolan Twins. Like, if you guys can do it, so should we.


They pay for the rights to those characters.


“Crap” ain’t no swear word


Oh, thanks for telling me


I’m a little confused as to what “excessively promotes the use of firearms” means. I will have a character who is a vigilante of sorts, as well as someone who will also have their life threatened, and will be carrying a gun on herself or in her house/car. I plan to have them use a firearm. Not constantly, but they will use them. I don’t think it’ll be every episode, but there will be uses of it for sure. I think I’m good with it being left at that. But, I’d still like to get some clarification. What as to what exactly would be examples of “excessively promoting the use of firearms?” Just want a little clarification so I don’t run into any issues with my story when I write it :slight_smile:


How do i fill out the form cause i know one




I cannot say for sure, but you are probably fine.
I would think that is more for people who glorify gun violence and illegal possession and use of guns. They wouldn’t have shooting animations if a few cases of self-defense were not even allowed.
There are many stories about gangsters, vigilantes are probably fine as long as it is not gory or encouraging that.

Take what I say with a grain of salt though.


I hope you’re right. While my story has moved away from vigilantism, firearm use will certainly be in the story. I just hope that I don’t break the rules with that, or cursing. I’m not going to be dropping f-bombs often, if at all. But other cursing will be present. Not every sentence. But at least twice an episode there will be some sort of curse word. Hopefully that’s ight


I can answer that. And its absolutely not. You are not allowed to use backgrounds or overlays that are no licensed for commercial use. Google is not a source for images as many people think - I do wish episode would elaborate more on what images can be used, but I have brought it up many times to no prevail with them.
I have a drive of 6000 items I made from meshes, For the love of god no, don’t use anything watermarked or googled.


I do hope at some point you will start to add in more information about what images can be used. I see endless amounts of stolen art in stories, and people think they can use and google what ever they want, and A LOT slips past admins. I offer and extensive amount of safe for use images for this reason, but I don’t feel like Episode does a good enough job to educate the writers about what images they can use.


I thought more of those covers which people in this community do and sign with their watermark - they’re copyrighted too, yet everyone is using them.