Content Guidelines


They should not be getting approved. Anything signed, watermarked and copyrighten cannot be used. I had to have one of my artists remove her signature from a piece because its not allowed.


Well this is my opinion too. But fact is, those are approved, that’s why I said “double standards “.


I agree, Episode could do better to not approve such things, I also see people doing things like googling “anime art” and submitting it and having it approved, that definitely annoys me. Unfortunately, Episode just doesn’t do a good job AT ALL about educating users about image use, this needs to be a big deal PSA, but they won’t do it.
At best, you can only report the art in question, it’s likely an admin without adequate training (or care for their job) has approved these images. I know how annoying it is, I was so annoyed by art theft I made my own drive to try to stop people from stealing art, and it was a lot at my own expense!


@Trinady is no longer with us but I’m sure @Jesse would happily escalate this to the team. Thanks for the helpful feedback.


Episode works closely with these celebs to form these stories, they are on special contracts with them. You cannot use a celebrities image without permission/paying rights.


Thanks Jeremy, I didn’t know Trinady was gone. Hopefully Episode will address these concerns, so many users just google images to use, and don’t understand you can’t do this. When I tell them, they are really shocked. I have even had some argue. This definitely should be expanded on in the terms of use/content guidelines. I know a few of us artists really don’t mind if episode directs users to our safe for use drives, it would be better than what they are doing, I don’t care about the fame, in fact feel free to leave my instagram out (more drama!)and just post the drive links, I just want these users to be able to find things they can use legally.


@ThorneArtStudio, do you have any recommendations for other truly safe for use drives? The problem you’re referring to here is so present amongst episode background accounts/threads, it can be difficult to sift through them and find ones who actually understand what is allowed by copyright law. Or if you’re uncomfortable posting them publicly, may I DM you instead?


For me, it’s difficult to guarantee that other drives are safe, because I use all my own meshes and I own the right to redistribute, I know my material is safe. As far as I know and from our conversations, I could conclude that Uwe practices safe art use, and has a drive on her instagram account. also hosts backgrounds from creators, but I have no guarantee they have used safe for use stock in their edits. Essentially I don’t like to guarantee anything that isn’t mine.
My drive has 6000 items that ARE safe. I have another drive for donors who support the costs of my meshes with another 2000 items that is available by evite once a donation is made.
I don’t know if this has been helpful or not. Sometimes, if I am in doubt with an image, I reverse search it using but if the edits are using just stolen stock, tiny eye won’t pick that up.