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I’m confused does this mean that you’re not allowed to show characters undressing each other like almost every writer does to show that they are going to have sex???

Not describe or show them having sex but indicate that is what is going to happen. So is a makeout scene with them undressed not allowed?


Technically what you describe is “before” the moment sex occurs. :smirk: I think what they mean is like, showing naked thrusting during the act, even if it’s just from the shoulders up (though I’ve definitely seen stories do that too.) K*ss List pretty heavily indicates sex is occurring with a cutaway, though, so WHO knows?

I think I’ve seen naked makeout scenes where the characters are under the covers. I saw one non-consensual naked oral sex scene with bars obscuring the characters, which I reported with no results, so ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Yeah I guess so, it just really baffled me.

Like are we not allowed to kinda indicate sex, a natural thing that happens in life when you’re grown up and attracted to someone.

Who knows?


Maybe since Episode is located in the US, there might be some kind of federal law that prohibits them from allowing certain content since they advertise the app for ages 12+. I know those laws exist for interstate tv and radio transmissions. Not sure about cellphone games… But I’ve definitely seen way sketchier things on the app than consensual sex between adults.


I have a question: Am I allowed to use characters from films/tv shows, but put them in a different context? Like, if I were to use the characters from The Wizard of Oz (Dorothy, Glinda, The Wicked Witches, etc.) and put them in a modern, high school-esque situation, would that be allowed?


The Wizard of Oz characters are in the public domain, so technically Episode doesn’t really have any reason to prohibit that. You wouldn’t be able to use characters someone owns the rights to, though.


Thank you


Hi, I’m thinking of writing sort of, an autobiography, the focus of which will be my mental health struggles: anorexia, depression, OCD and anxiety. I have asked whether this would be a good idea, and whether people might be interested in it, and I received mixed opinions, but a large majority said that it was a good idea and that they would read it.

I was worried about the guidelines, as I don’t intend to glorify any of those mental illnesses in any way- I know what hell they are. The purpose of the story is not entertainment, it’s to open people’s eyes and bring awareness to the topic of mental health.

There’ll be no choices, as the MC will be me. It will be like observing another’s life- this is so that people don’t feel as if they themselves are experiencing it all, because that’s not going to turn out very well.

I never attempted suicide, however I have come close. If I were to describe a scene in which I came close, it would be like so:
I would simply describe how I felt, opening the window (which was to be my means of suicide) standing there for a bit, and closing the window/walking away.

I have read through the guidelines, and it has said that I cannot describe suicide as a means of escape, and I know that now, even if I still feel suicidal at times. However, in my past, I have fully believed suicide to be a means of escape from the life around me, and it is an essential part of why I even felt suicidal in the first place. I was wondering if I could do something like:

I wanted to escape from all this.
I believed that death meant peace.
But I know now, that it isn’t.
It hurts the ones who love you, leaving them questioning themselves.
Depression closes your eyes to the light that there always is. You think that things won’t get better…
But they will.

Basically, I would describe what I believed, but then right after, contradict it with the knowledge that I have now, with the support of the people around me.

I would also, at the end of EVERY episode, include some websites and numbers to helplines.

I would also put a trigger warning :warning: and warn people who have experienced similar things or people who may be upset by this, to not read the story.

As for bullying, I plan to vaguely describe it, rather than acting every single scene out, simply because it would get boring for the reader, and it may offend the reader. Something like, ‘Despite all the insults they threw at me, I kept my head high, knowing that if I broke, they would take it even further.’ With the MC looking kind of calm but sad and the bullies just doing an animation that implies being mean.

I would really like to write and publish this story, so if there’s any other possible guideline violations that could happen, please let me know :heart:


I would definitely read it!


Looking at your ideas here, I think it will help in adhering to content guidelines that you’re writing it in past tense, through a restrospectove lens. That way, your character is narrating the story from a point at which she’s learned that suicide wasn’t the choice to make. It might be tougher with a true present tense, where you are setting up a scenario that immerses the reader in the moment at which suicide seems like the answer.

But of course, I don’t work for Episode! Certainly I think they should allow this idea. Good luck with your story! :slightly_smiling_face:


The rules feel stricter than they were in 2015.
If I can recall correctly, back then, you could play the app at any age–you just had to be 13 to write.


Actually you can reference celebrities

But you’re not allowed to depict them, have them be a character, or use them as a plot device at all

You can definitely reference cities because city names aren’t trademarked. You can also make jokes about real people and do quotes!

Sorry to drag old replies up I just noticed no one ever answered these


Right, thank you.


I said that as a precaution, I have never seen an author reference a celeb by their actual name, they find a loop hole like, “kanye east”




Quick question about this one. Now, okay, let’s say I want to use a poet in my story, and I mentioned him/her in my story with quotes of their poetry, and talking about who the poet is. Will that be okay? :thinking:
I will only be using 3 quotes from a poet. I have already send in a ticket to the review team. I want to hear your view on it.

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I think that’s okay, I’ve seen it used before :thinking: perhaps wait for a reply from the team.