Content Guidelines


im using William Shakespeare, and okay.

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Oh, well you could recite the whole of Romeo and Juliet and not get in trouble if it’s Shakespeare :joy: Go ahead and quote whatever you like!



lol ok. waits for team response

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All Shakespeare’s works are in the public domain so you absolutely can use them in any context- including Episode stories.

If you wanted to, you could make William a character and have him in your story without worrying about content guidelines or copyright.



Yep. Just got the team response and its allowed. Thanks guys. :heavy_check_mark::100::hugs::sunglasses::raised_hands:

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Are you allowed to have a character say it happened?



I think so. This rule seems to suggest it’s ok if not explicit. So “They has sex” would be OK, but talking about… where specific body parts go could cross a line.

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So for example in my story “The Young Actress” When Emma is telling Lana and Sophia about her night having her say:

We may have…
Slept together

Or something along those lines, Would that be okay?



It should be, as I don’t think that counts as explicit, and the purpose of that rule’s wording seems to indicate implicit or generalized references are OK. Just include a content warning. And technically even though we know what “sleeping together” means, literally speaking it isn’t explicitly sexual. More of a euphemism, really.

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Is it okay to put a quote with the authors name on it?



People will probably tell you it is. But no. Legally, it is not unless the work is in public domain (in the US, I imagine, since that’s where Episode is located).

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Here are other more specific ones according to my experience:

  • You can’t say the F word more than 5 times per episode, and you can’t use it as a synonym for sex
  • You can’t say “whore” or “hoe” more than 1 time per chapter and if you do you can only say the F word 4 times
  • You can’t say “naked” in a sexual way
  • Characters over 18 can’t date or have sex with characters under 18, even if one of them is 17 and the other is 18
  • You can’t say you enjoyed sex or describe pleasure from it
  • You can’t glorify strip clubs, smoking, drinking, or drugs or say that a character enjoys smoking or doing drugs
  • You can’t describe sexual assault
  • You can’t say anything fetishizing age gaps i.e. “little one”, “daddy”


Lol… Wait… Really? :sweat_smile:

You mean like calling someone not your daddy… Daddy? lol



lmao yep

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Calling someone daddy other then your daddy… daddy is weird anyone :joy:
The new term is Zaddy lollolololol…
As for the word “hoe” I didn’t know that. I don’t get it. Hoe isn’t even a terrible word. Whore is but not hoe.



I agree. Some of the guidelines are honestly pretty stupid

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Okay wait that is straight up bizarre and oddly specific .

Also cough Featured episodes break the under 18 rule cough

Alssooo whyyyyy calling people daddy and hoe in a funny way is my thing im heartbroken :broken_heart::sob::ok_hand:



Hey guys! I’m wondering what does “excessive use of profanity or sexually explicit phrases” exactly mean. :,D Is there a “counter” (or examples) for that or how do I know when I cross the line? (Apart from being reported, because obviously, that’s what I’d like to avoid/prevent.)



Right, you would think they would be clear on this…
I’m going to need them to define excessive a little more.
Or… Better yet give some examples lol :woman_shrugging:t4:

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Maybe a curse word every two dialogue lines is excessive? Sounds like something I’d do :joy::joy::joy: