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ahh ok. :blush: ill wait for team response. :wink:


Makes sense to wait for the official response, as I don’t want to tell you the wrong thing. However, since they seem to be OK with quoting under 5 lines from a song, I would expect it would be similar for poems.

Even if they OK it, however, I would be careful. I was talking to a literary agent about her manuscript submissions quoting song lyrics recently (apparently it’s an issue). If you are quoting a still-living poet whose work is under copyright, even if Episode says it’s fine, that person could still take issue with it. If you give attribution, that might lessen the problem. If, however, you arrange to be paid for the story with gems or something, they’d probably have grounds to be pretty upset about it. So if you are quoting Dylan Thomas, it’s probably fine. If you are quoting, say, Warsan Shire or another contemporary poet, I’m not sure if that would technically be acceptable.




It sounds perfectly reasonable. As long as the poet and their quotes don’t make up the entirety of your story, quoting them shouldn’t be an issue. References are allowed. And since your quoting them, your giving the writer of the poem their credit, so copyright won’t be an issue. Quote your little heart out, my dear.




Well, wait, if romance stories can’t have characters under the age of 16 be the focus…
Wouldn’t it technically be a loophole to have a drama story with 14-15/15-16 year olds whose ages progress by season?


You should be allowed to mention the poet themselves, but as for the quotes:

All works published before 1923 in the US are public domain, so if it’s a poem written from before then, you can use it as much as you’d like in your story. If it was published between 1923 and 1978, it’s protected for 95 years from the date of the publication, but if it was published after 1977 then the copyright lasts for as long as the author is still alive + 70 years afterwards, unless it was commissioned, done through a work contract, published under a pseudonym, or published anonymously, the copyright could be valid for 95-120 years after it’s publication, depending on when it was published.

So if you’re using a modern poet, I’d be careful. Even things as little as three lines can be considered under copyright. Though if you can use five lines from a song, three quotes shouldn’t be too bad.


im using William Shakespeare, and okay.


Oh, well you could recite the whole of Romeo and Juliet and not get in trouble if it’s Shakespeare :joy: Go ahead and quote whatever you like!


lol ok. waits for team response


All Shakespeare’s works are in the public domain so you absolutely can use them in any context- including Episode stories.

If you wanted to, you could make William a character and have him in your story without worrying about content guidelines or copyright.


Yep. Just got the team response and its allowed. Thanks guys. :heavy_check_mark::100::hugs::sunglasses::raised_hands:


Are you allowed to have a character say it happened?


I think so. This rule seems to suggest it’s ok if not explicit. So “They has sex” would be OK, but talking about… where specific body parts go could cross a line.


So for example in my story “The Young Actress” When Emma is telling Lana and Sophia about her night having her say:

We may have…
Slept together

Or something along those lines, Would that be okay?


It should be, as I don’t think that counts as explicit, and the purpose of that rule’s wording seems to indicate implicit or generalized references are OK. Just include a content warning. And technically even though we know what “sleeping together” means, literally speaking it isn’t explicitly sexual. More of a euphemism, really.


Is it okay to put a quote with the authors name on it?


People will probably tell you it is. But no. Legally, it is not unless the work is in public domain (in the US, I imagine, since that’s where Episode is located).