Content guidlines question

I have a question about the content guidelines. I am writing a mystery story about a serial killer that takes Polaroid photos as trophies. I read the content guidelines thoroughly and was pretty sure I could not depict any dead bodies. However, I did read the requirements for it to be PEGI 13 and although you’re not allowed to depict gore, you are allowed to show violence on screen.

I also read some horror stories on the app and saw a story about witches on Instagram which also showed a body in a rigor mortis state, So it kept me wondering if it was okay to a certain extend.

My question is, I want to do an autopsy report with a picture attached. I made an edit of one of the victims and I’m not planning on depicting too much violence and keep the murders very subtle, but I was wondering if the attached edit is already considered too graphic…

Thank you so much in advance for your help!

Edit in question


I’m pretty sure, you’ll be okay :+1:

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I‘m reassured then! I put in so much work for this story and it would be such a shame for it being rejected because of a view plot relevant „arguably“ graphic overlays!

Thank you

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Good luck. If in the end, they do not accept it I would just take way the red blood on the forehead and put it in as an overlay. But you could always appeal, I don’t think it should be rejected but incase it does!

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You know you’re really good at editing if they reject it :sob:

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