Content Warnings on Episode

Hey Episodians,

It’s me again to clear up some misinformation and to give you a better idea about how to use Content Warnings here on Episode.

We need to stress that Episode is an app for players aged 13 and up. This means we do not allow mature, adult or R rated content.

On Episode, Content Warnings are best used as a courtesy to inform readers of upcoming content that they may not want to see, but which is still well within our guidelines and age rating.

An example of a good Content Warning:

WARNING: This scene might make you uncomfortable, press ‘Skip’ if you don’t want to see it.

“Skip!” {
goto after_hotkiss
}“Don’t Skip” {

This is NOT a good use of a Content Warning:

WARNING: This scene contains mature themes, please skip it if your under 16.

“Skip!” {
goto after_sexytime
}“Don’t Skip” {

Please remember that even adding a Content Warning before certain kinds of content still means Authors need to follow the Episode Guidelines.

That’s all for now!

With love,
Episode Reviewer Team :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Is there any content that falls within the Guidelines that you’d like authors to use Content Warnings for? Share your thoughts with us!


Thanks Tyler :heart:
Please more on this (mature) topic :heart:

Maybe here on forum aren’t many readers/writers who prefer this content, but your advices will be shared! So please tell more examples what’s allowed and what not.


Can we possibly be given templates for these warnings?


Now I understand what you meant… your examples made me cringe. Also, edited fifteen times?? :joy:

As for that last question: anything that sounds potentially triggering, ranging from domestic violence to implied sexual abuse (as this subject is so popular among Episode stories :upside_down_face:), could use a Content Warning. Better safe than sorry, I guess?



Basically anything that’s potentially triggering, especially if it’s a common trauma. Rape, child abuse, etc. can all be subtle enough to make it past guidelines, but victims of these kinds of things shouldn’t have to worry about whether they will pop up without warning.

This is branching out a bit, but please use epilepsy warnings, you guys. It’s important.


Definitely, share this outside the forums! I only ask you include my full post. No partial snippets :slight_smile:

Do you mean donacode templates or image templates? I love the one you made, perhaps others in the community can create and share some around as well!

All of these are great suggestions!!


@writingspirit already gave my answer. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I’d like to add on anything connected to self-harm or suicide.


Maybe both templates/donacode/backgrounds

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Yes, I hate surprises so I think warnings are very important.

I think sexual assault scenes really need trigger warnings. Preferably before the scene or at least at the beginning of the Episode it’s in. I also think self harm and suicide are the type of themes that should have warnings. That one is really important to me

Idk about everyone else, but I’d also prefer people to specify clearly what their scene is going to be about. I know it might ruin the element of surprise but if someone gives a warning that their story has :air_quotes: mature themes :air_quotes: I’m going to think it’s swearing, drinking and sex and read on. I really need to know what I’m getting into and I think a lot of other readers out there do too


Yes, this is really important too. Your warnings should be specific. Swearing and drinking is an entirely different ballgame from something like date rape for example. You can’t just use a catch-all warning if something’s going to be triggering.

If you feel like being specific gives away what’s going to happen, there are still ways to look out for readers who need warnings. A good way to handle it could be saying something like this:

In this chapter, there are some potentially triggering themes. Do you want to skip these scenes?
[See list of potential triggers.]
[Yes, I would like to skip.]
[No, I can read them.]

It can be more complex than that or done differently of course, but these kinds of warnings are very important when it comes to looking out for one another and taking the trauma of others’ into consideration.


I think that is a really good idea. I’m pretty sure Lyra did something like that in Seven Seas


Oooh! Do you have any screenshots of this? Can we summon her to share her insight? Is the author on the forums?


Hold on, I’ll get her here…

@LyraKeiken Do you have screenshots of your trigger warning in Seven Seas? :slight_smile: Can you please show people how it’s done?


She is! It’s @LyraKeiken. :relaxed:


I’ve been summoned, let me quickly get the screenshot :heart:


Damn, that was quick :eyes: I’m so powerful


Yes anything for my Aussie cousin!
The actual scene itself isn’t graphic, but just in case people are sensitive to the topic, it’s there.


I’ve seen some write: “This episode contains themes that some readers may find triggering. Would you like more information about what that content is?”

And then a yes or no choice. This could be a good way of including the specific warning, while also letting the reader decide what information they would like to have.

Edit: OK, basically what @LyraKeiken JUST shared. :sweat_smile: