Content Warnings on Episode

I actually saw stories with this motive! There was fantastic Speak by @J.Miley, where Elizabeth actually cut herself, and the story was not taken down.


Whenever I have a “questionable” scene, I submit it to the review team before I publish the episode. It is all how you portray it. You must never portray self-harm, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, or anything else of that nature as something that’s positive. It must be done sensitively.


So, I’ve always wondered. What’s the definition of nudity? Can the guy be topless but have bottoms? Can the girl be topless but have bottoms? (double standard cough) Or is it full nudity that is not permitted?


This is perfect :ok_hand:t5:. I am currently using this for my story. It makes it easier for the reader to avoid anything that may trigger them!!!


It’s more a curiosity as to where they draw the line. Is a topless girl ok? Or can only the boy be topless? Or is it full nudity that is an issue? The guidelines aren’t specific there.

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Thanks. I’m not worried about my story. I’m just curious. I’ve heard people have been asked to clothe their characters if they are kissing topless and have the censor bar or you only see the girl from the back.

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From what I understand the nudity cannot be in any sexual circumstances.

Ex. Character is in censor bars and showering. The nudity us non-sexual so it’s fine.

But characters are in censor bars and kissing in bed, it implies that sex is taking place or going to take place so that’s not allowed. So they need to be wearing clothes or the least underwear :woman_shrugging:t2:

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That’s where my question lies. What is the definition of nudity? Is topless ok or are they referring to full nudity? Is male topless okay? Is female topless okay?
I understand full nudity is not in any sexual way. That’s fine.

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When they mean nudity, they mean with censor bars. So like female character with censor bars = nudity but female character in underwear =/= nudity

Same with male characters.

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Yes but if they are topless and have underwear on, do they need a censor bar?

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You can’t put a censor bar and underwear lol. It’s either or. The censor bar is in outfits. It’s not an overlay. You either put censor bar or the underwear

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I meant censor bar on top. Is it necessary? Can a man be topless with no censor bar? And can a woman? Both have bottoms (underwear, pants, doesn’t matter).

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Well yes obviously that’s there in all stories.

Female characters have to have the censor bars on top if they don’t have a bra/top on

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And where does it say that?

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You’re overanalysing this. The nudity rules are not that complicated.

No nudity without censor bars or scenery to censor

This is what it says in the guidelines :point_up_2:t3:

Male characters can and are shown topless all the time, there’s no rule against showing a male character topless. Bottoms have to be there whether they re clothes, censor bar or underwear. If it’s a censor bar then it’s presumed tha your character is nude.

Female characters have to have something covering the breasts whether is a bra, clothing or a censor bar. And same with the bottom.

If your character is only in censor bars then it’s that means they are completely nude and not wearing any clothing at all. Censor bars are only for non-sexual situations.

Ex. Your character is taking a shower. Then you use censor bars.

But if you’re implying that sex is going to take place you cannot use censor bars, you have to use underwear, you can’t use censor bars for this.

Ex. Characters are in bed kissing, you’re implying that they’re going to have sex, they have to be in underwear not in censor bars.

You anyway cannot have a character completely nude without any underwear or censor bars anyway. It won’t get saved as an outfit.

This stuff isn’t written anywhere. It’s understood from experiences of various authors in the community who have gotten flagged for things like using censor bars in sex-implied scenes.


So in essence, it is a double standard.
I’m asking because I have a topless woman kissing a man. You only see her from the back. She’s wearing pants.
Someone messaged me and said that wasn’t allowed.
But apparently a topless man is allowed.
By definition, nudity is not covering genitals. Breasts are not genitals. So it should be allowed.

And you can have a character outfit that is nude. You just need to add something like chest hair or an earring.

And there is a censor bar to cover the male chest.


The censor bar to cover male chest was added after Episode added a body type to male generic with breasts, so that people can create a trans feminine character with male genric body. It is for covering those breasts.

And yeah there’s a double standard, but this isn’t just Episode. Female nipples are sexualized and censored everywhere even simply on Instagram. We can’t really do anything about that :woman_shrugging:t2:


Yes, I get it. I was just trying to make a point and open a dialogue.
I mean, I wouldn’t show a topless female from the front anyway without the censor bar. The lack of nipples is just :woman_facepalming:t2:

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Then you should make a new thread to discuss it. This one is about content warnings not about censorship of body parts :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Okay, I gotta ask, because I’m starting to feel really confused. Is it okay if a story has the choice whether you want to be the hero or the villain? and being a villain includes killing people? What if I write a story about a serial killer but the reader got to choose whether you’re the serial killer or the cop trying to capture the serial killer? If the violence isn’t too graphic, does the topic goes or doesn’t go against the guidelines? And why, if this is allowed, is this topic less harmful than a story that deals with suicide? I don’t get it.