CONTEST: Black on Black Love

So, What about black love?

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I hear of good interracial relationships, which I have NO problem with, if that’s what you want, you do you, but i want to see and hear of two black people in love with each other.

In professionally produced movies, we see people who have same race relationships when black and they sometimes make the black male the bad one, They typically try to make the black woman seem like she gives up her body easily, then the movie makes the black male cheat.

When the movie or show is made by black people, they typically portray the relationship as positive [especially older shows] The black man is not scared of his wife, they are not non-sexual, they’re married [in sitcoms] with many children [one or many] like in The Cosby show,

What I want is a black male and female in a loving relationship in this contest. Something that not only shows you can have a good black on black MARRIAGE, not just dating, but also shows that black men aren’t all bad and that there are good, responsible black men.

I want the romance to be a romance that can be good even if it isn’t sexual, like, they’ll still in love each other and won’t even pressure each other into those things [women and men aren’t chill with that]



Sex out of wedlock

Black Male and Female LOVING Relationship

Limited CC [Mixed people are allowed, so you can add MORE CC if the MC is mixed or Love interest is]

Must be two black people [black man and woman] in a relationship

No negative stereotypes of black people or positive portrayals and promotion of harmful subjects like:




No racism or hate speech against others

No bashing of Christianity at all [Most people in the black community, including the mixed black people, were Christian in a 2020 statistics poll]


Most black people are Christian, with 83% of black Americans identifying as Christian, including 45% who identify as Baptist. Catholics account for 5% of the population. 1% of black Americans identify as Muslims.



1st Place Winners:

Not Decided, no one’s entered.

Story Entries:

None yet. No one has entered any.


Thanks for doing this. You bring up some great points. I have an upcoming story that might fit, but it won’t be out for a bit. I’ll PM you some details about it this week perhaps when I get some more time.

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