Contest Cancelled

Hey Everyone :unicorn: :blob_hearts:
This is my first time doing this. So I am hosting a contest for
a story that I am currently working on which is also very
personal to me as I could relate to the main character.
The story is called "COLOUR Coded"!!!

Story description:
Aina was born and raised in America, but due to her skin color
she struggled to fit into schools and barely able to make any
friends in school without worrying that they will talk behind
her back. At the same time she gain interest in music which
allows her to express herself and her secret crush starts to
gain interest in her.

This story is mostly about self discovery with a mixture of romantic and Drama
I’ll be using the winner’s cover


  • use the password: Baby Yoda
  • can make a small cover, large cover or both
  • Anyone can take part but please tell me before hand
  • you can change up the outfit but please tell me

The cover requires:

  • Aina and Jacob
  • if possible could the poses be this:

the girl sitting and playing the guitar while the guy watches

but do whatever works well if you

  • include my episode name Cottonunicorn




Have fun everyone

I will give it a try. I haven’t done art in a while. But I will start on it later today Baby Yoda

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thank you :blush:

You’re welcome.

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