[CONTEST] cool kid 26 wants to see YOUR art!

Ladies, Gentlemen, and those in-between, I’ve got a proposition for all you aspiring artists and editors out there!
I’m looking for any art of two characters of mine that can be used as either a special art scene or an “end credit” or however you say scene for my story, Albino Alibi. This scene can be anything, as long as it fits the guidelines!

This is my first contest. Apologies for how shitty I am at explaining it, lol…


  • The art must be 640x1136. No exceptions.
  • The art must be coloured.
  • The art must at least contain the female character, Mary. The male character, Tim, is optional.
  • The art must either say “Thanks for reading!” or have a spot for that to be edited on.
  • The art must have your signature on it.
  • Mary must must must be stylized as an albino!
  • The entry can either be an edit of the characters, a photograph or digital art! Any will do, but I do have favouritism for digital art and photographs. :slight_smile:

This is the character that /must/ be in the image


The one circled in red.

Other characters that could be included are the two girls on the right or the male in the picture below.

No real contest goes without prizes, right? Well, I sadly don’t have any instagram related prizes. However, I do have some other ones that may be worth your time and effort.
First Place
First place gets the following:

  • Their art displayed as a “end credit” splash in every chapter!
  • Their story with a permanent spot on my profile’s suggested stories area! However, this prize will not be included if I find your story to be racist, homophobic, breaking of Episode guidelines, etc.
  • One art piece of their choice for anything (special art scenes, fan-art, anything!) with no credit required!
  • A shoutout on my Tumblr! (@kcjenkinsofficial)
  • A shoutout in my story! (Albino Alibi)
  • A customized character in my story!

Second Place
Second place gets the following:

  • Their art displayed as an optional viewable scene/special art scene in my story!
  • One piece of any special art scene required for their story, with credit/watermark!
  • Their story with a temporary spot on my recommended stories list! (Unless I find it either seriously good or I forget to take it off. Duration is one week.)
  • A shoutout in my story!

The judges are me, obviously, my girlfriend, and another friend. Judge spots are not open at this time.

The deadline is August 5th, 9:30 PM Pacific Time. Please DM me for an extension. Winners will be announced August 6th/7th!

I can’t wait to see what the Episode community has got in store! :slight_smile:

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