Contest day announcement and the reason why I'm late 😅

@Sydney_H heh not sure if I’m right :sweat_smile:

Anyways hello you folks! How are you guys doing I’m pretty well! Now I need to tell y’all something!

The Contest Results will be revealed on drum roll WENSDAY! !!

Now the reason im late because there was a problem with the artist I told to do the art scene which was also a contestant apparently couldn’t do the art scene and the cover so I could set the date. I’ll try my best to find a new artist and end the episodes so I can publish the story. Thanks for being patient and hope you guys understand :slight_smile:

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@Rac5hel @CinnamonToast @Jessica.C @candyxcx @Killerfrost @Hol thanks for entering check this out!


Sure no hunn it was my pleasure

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