CONTEST - Get Your Story Promoted!

Hey everyone, my name is Nathaniel! I have two contest going on right now. Please read below for details.

This a group work or single person project, your group must contain 2-3 people. You must have it sumbitted to the episode app by March 19th. You can pick your group or be assigned to a group. If you need help finding someone please message me here or on insta at episodepromoternathaniel.

If your a single perosn writer please message me and let me know!

This is skys the limit your story can be anything, I will read your stories the weekend the contest ends and a winner will be annouced. Now what does the winners get?

  • Your group story will be posted and promoted on my instgram.

  • Each perosn from the group can send in their own story for me to promote.

  • You will be in the “Contest Winners” section of my instgram under story highlights.

  • Lastly, you’ll earn early acees to my contest enteries, especially for my montly “Give Me Your Stories”

Please message me if you have questions.

IF you have a group picked out please let me know so we can get groups chats together on Instagram. I’m excited to check out your stories!

Enter soon we are limiting this contest to 15 stories.

Check out my main page here or instagram to complete the google form for a submission for your own personal story!

**insta at episodepromoternathaniel. **


Best Regards,


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